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CREDIT ME IN SCREENSHOTS/VIDEOS/GIFS/ETC. EVEN IF YOU'VE ALTERED THE FACE! I tried creating John Shepard from 'Mass Effect.' This was as close as I got.

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"This looks nothing like Shepard. You suck!"
- Yours truly, Someone Who Has Never Touched The Limited FO4 Character Creation (no one has said this, but I'm making a point that this is the best I could do with the limited character creator.)

I based the wife (Nora) on Jack from Mass Effect because of the voice actor.

  • ME3 John Shepard SS
This is simply a save game right after you exit Vault 111. If you want to use this preset for an existing game -- say you have a character in lvl 50 -- you can do that with this mod: Face Ripper (by xatmos.) Read the instructions carefully.

  • ME3 John Shepard SS - lvl 20
Optional level 20 save for those that want a head start (without perks.)

The default name is John Shepard, but you can change name/S.P.E.C.I.A.L/appearance in the console.

Strength (x5) Perception (x2) Endurance (x4) Charisma (x9) Intelligence (x5) Agility (x2) Luck (x1)

  • ME3 John Shepard SS/ME3 John Shepard SS - Lvl 20
Download and copy + paste the file in this mod and put it into your "Saves" folder.
Usually located in: Documents/My Games/Fallout4/Saves

  • ME3 John Shepard SS/ME3 John Shepard SS - Lvl 20
Locate the file in your "Saves" folder, highlight it and delete.
Usually located in: Documents/My Games/Fallout4/Saves

- but if you want to get the same smooth skin and brighter eyes, download Younger Male Face Texture for facial textures and The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition for brighter eyes.

If you wish to publish screenshots, videos/gifs, etc. with this preset (even when you've slightly edited it,) I require that you link them to my mod or username (Aydaptic.) I've spent a lot of time in the character creation screen and I don't want anyone to take credit for my work. I'm sure you understand.

That aside... enjoy!

enbseries (by Boris Vorontsov)

Man Fur (by Nathan)
N7-CombatArmor-STANDALONE_by_Ruddy88 (by Ruddy88)
Simple Male Redux (by TwistedMethod)
The Eyes Of Beauty Fallout Edition (by LogRaam aka Gabriel Mailhot)
White Teeth (by Atherisz)
Younger Male Face Texture (by mrjack)

PS: I had these mods installed when I created these save games. Please let me know if this causes any problems.