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Adds an AK-47 to the game, as standalone weapon.

Permissions and credits
AK-47 Standalone

The mods are here! New version with some modifications for the weapon, enjoy! (Read the changelog, please.) You'll probably need to spawn a new weapon for the mods to work. If the game crashes as you try to enter your savegame: load savegame with the last version you used of the AK, drop the AK, travel somewhere else, save game without any AKs in your inventory or around you, close the game, activate the new version, spawn a new AK.


This mod adds a completly standalone AK-47 into the game. I've been working on this model for an entire month, along with the textures, and then put it into the game, I started the project back on early December. It is based on the typical AK-47. Will work on mods for next versions!

Getting the weapon in game:

Vendors who sell weapons should sell the AK-47, I put it aswell in the leveled lists, so Gunners and Raiders should drop it aswell. Or you can also get it with the console, by writting "help ak-47 4" and then "player.additem <ID of the AK> 1".


You should be able to install it with NMM. If not it is the same way you do with every mod. Watch this if you don't know how to install mods manually, or this one if you don't know how to install it with NMM.


Retexture by "andthefish"

Addons made by the community:

Caliber Mod by "BrowncoatGarrus"

IMMERSIVE Standalone Weapon Crafting Station of DOOM by "stabcops"

Reload Animation - by 5poiler


Right so, in the last version it seems people still have a problem of the AK being invisible. To fix this, if you drop it, and make it spawn again, it should be fixed. If it is not, try the solution "WonsuMonk" found for this and shared with the community in the posts here: Download with NMM all the files, from version 0.5 to 0.9, 0.7 included. Then install them in this order: 0.5->0.7->0.9. It seems this problem is also on other standalone weapons, it might be the game itself, not sure yet.


- Mods are here! You will now be able to use the weapon on the workbench to put mods to it. These include: Suppressor, Long Scope, Medium Scope, Short Scope, Magazine drum, double magazine, Glowing Iron Sight... For some reason you can't apply the suppressor after applying other mods. So if you want the suppressor on your weapon, I recommend applying the suppressor first, and then the rest of the mods, I don't know yet why this must be. If you don't want the suppressor, just modify the weapon like normally.
- Fixed a small magazine bug, it seemed like flying, now it's correctly positioned on the weapon.

- Finally the magazine fix! New textures for the magazine, had to redo the model and the textures. Retextures might need to be redone, sorry about it.
- If you used another version before this one, you might have to drop your current AK and make another spawn.
- Bolt has been moved to the correct position.

- Fixed crash when entering weapons benchwork.
- Fixed crash when inspecting the item in the inventory.
- Fixed some things with the loot table. Vendors should still sell the weapons, and gunners and raiders drop it.
- Safety switch and bolt are now on the left side of the weapon, to fit Fallout 4 animations more, for now, the bolt doesn't move, but in future versions I'll try to. Aswell, I'll have to move it a bit again. In the future I'll make an animation for all this, if possible.
- Adjusted camera when right clicking while the weapon is out to aim. Should be better now.
- Added first support for the magazine fix, for now there are not visible changes, but I managed to make it work with vanilla magazines, when I try to use the AK one, the game crashes, might have to redo the model.

- Initial release.


Should be compatible with anything, but let me know if you find any problems that are not listed below.


If you want to use this weapon in your mod let me know, please. Do not upload this mod to other webpages unless I give you the permission to do so, if you want to do it, ask me first, please.

Known Issues (working on fixing them):

- I can't get the magazine to get out of the weapon correctly, I hope to fix it soon.
- The game crashes if you inspect the weapon, working on it.
- The animation it uses is the vanilla one, and without more tools I can't add a new one. The AK-47 has the bolt on the reciever on the right, and Fallout game has all of them on the left, so the character will pull of a bolt that doesn't exist >.<.

Thanks, credits and tools used:

- The model and textures were made by me using Maya, Substance Designer and Substance Painter.
- Photoshop, convert the textures from Substance Painter as .dds that work with Fallout.
- FO4Edit.
- NifSkope.
- 3ds Max.
- Bethesda.


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