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Army Uniform of the Wasteland - aims to re-texture the Army and Military Fatigues.

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Army Uniforms of the Wasteland is a texture re-placement project for the Army Fatigues and Military Fatigues.

This re-texture project will not only cover camouflage patterns but other military uniform styles like the classic Olive Drab Green uniforms to the latest camouflage uniforms.

The goal of the project is to make the army uniforms and the military fatigues look more unique while keeping it visually friendly to the game universe.

UPDATE 3/24/16
Army Fatigues: Clean/Dirty UCP Camo + Helmet

UPDATE 3/10/16

Military - 101st Airborne with Chevrons requested by TheFANCYPUP

UPDATE 2/20/16

Helmet Camouflage Cover - WORK IN PROGRESS [Adding Details, hiding the seam]
UCP "Universal Camouflage Pattern" - WORK IN PROGRESS [Adding Details]
OCP "Operational Camouflage Pattern" - WORK IN PROGRESS [Tweaking the colors]
Woodland Camouflage - UPDATING 
Tiger Stripe - UPDATING
World War 2 Olive Drab - WORK IN PROGRESS
World War 2 Two Tone - WORK IN PROGRESS
World War 2 Military Fatigues "101st Airborne" - WORK IN PROGRESS


NOTE FOR THE UPDATE: If you guys know a camouflage pattern that I don't know and you want it to be a replacer or a standalone mod, just leave me a comment in this mod page. Cheers.

CURRENT: The current Army/Military Uniforms in this pack are:


01 Army Fatigues Vietnam Era --- [ERDL Camouflage and Tiger Stripe]
02 Army Fatigues WW II ---------- [Olive Drab Green and Two Toned]
03 Army Fatigues Flecktarn ------- [Flectarn ONLY Clean Army] WIP on camouflage partner. (requested by maxgame)
04 Army Fatigues UCP ------------- [Clean ACU and Worn ACU] Still trying to improve the worn out version.

Military Fatigues - WW2 101st Airborne
Military Fatigues - DPM [Disruptive Pattern Material]
Military Fatigues - Flecktarn (requested by maxgame)


1. Extract zip
2. Copy the file folder "Fatigues" to Fallout4/Data/Textures/Armor/Fatigues
3. And follow the instructions here "" - If you haven't installed any texture mods.

Nexus Mod Manager
1. Run Nexus
2. Install mod
3. Run the game :)

This mod was inspired by the works of;
Kazeite (ERDL Army and Military Fatigues),
LTApollo (Wasteland Commando - Fatigues Reimagined)
mpincoski (USMC Marpat Camo rmy Fatigues)

Hope you guys like it :)

Future Plans:
  • Modern Era Vanilla Friendly Army Fatigues Camo (ACU's, Marpats, DCU, etc etc)
  • Helmet Re-textures
  • Wasteland clothing's (other clothing that doesn't have any faction)
  • Gunner's military re-textures (make them look more like ex-military or re-used old military uniforms)
  • Raider Re-textures
  • Minuteman re-textures (Katipunan style/Vanilla Enhanced) - still on the drawing board.