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Work in progress to create a radio studio in the Atom Cats Garage with a few new fully voiced cats to man the airwaves jack. Going to be a lot of 40's- late 50's/Early 60's public domain rock and roll.

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Thank you for 300 endorsements! I am still working on this and I'm hoping to have the DJ update in the next month!

XB1 Edition is now available!

Download here!

I am currently working with several musicians to make some music, the names of our first three songs will be

"Old School Ghoul"
"That Dame's a Deathclaw"
"Rad Rock"

I hope you guys will enjoy them when they come out, thanks for your patience!

Work in progress to create a radio studio in the Atom Cats garage with a few new fully voiced cats to man the airwaves jack. Going to be a lot of 40's- late 50's/Early 60's public domain Rock and roll, Rockabilly, Surf, and just a touch of blues.

Full mod won't be available for some time, but it will be a full Atom Cats Overhaul, with the ability to make more Atom Cat bases at abandoned Red Rocket locations with rival power armor gangs.

Currently there is just music, I am doing the DJ voicelines, but it'll be a little while before I put them in.

I have a sidequest planned in which you scour the Commonwealth high schools for holotape sets from old battle of the bands competitions which will add more songs to the radio when you give them to the Cats. So if you can play some old rock and roll or rockabilly, please send me a message, If I include your songs, you'll get a shout out here, and in game from the Atom Cats Dj's as well.

Other planned quests include an Atom Cats finale to take out the institute,
Going on a counterattack on the Gunners to capture the GNR building as
well as other gunner posts, fixing a vertibird to call on whenever you
need it that will be painted Cats style.

Possible quest/mod ideas, if you like them please let me know!

Recruiting bands to put on the air.
A set of Cats items for settlements.
A bunch of unenterable buildings turned into music related places, music stores, etc.
A set of guitar Melee weapons.
A switchblade comb melee.
Main Atom Cat Garage NPC set. (Barber, voiced unique merchants)
Automatron hotrod mods.
A Power Armor race.
A custom Hotrod inspired power armor suit.

The two new power armor gangs are going to be the Atomic Bombers which I have their jacket done already here

Atomic Bombers Jacket

Atomic Bombers Power Armor

And the Deathclaws which you will be familiar with if you have gotten to max affinity with Deacon.

Mod is also up on Bethesda.net


Thank you junior99au!
for your Personal Radio Standalone Couldn't have done it without you!

If you have any modding experience and want to help please send me a message, also if you can sound the part even better jack, because this station needs a dynamic duo.

Important notice for other radio mod makers, my frequency is 88.131821 so please
ensure you don't use that for compatibility with other radio mods.

Standalone playlist!
Expect it to get bigger all the time!

7 Rockabilly/blues songs by Johnny Hoodoo.

Bear Cat
Hip Shake
Snake Eyed Mama
I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine
Train Kept a Rollin
Long Black Train

Irvin Russ - Crazy Alligator
Alton And Jimmy - Who Put The Rock N Roll
Homer Harris - Atomic Bomb Blues
Andy Wilson - Little Mama 
Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan - Jukebox Boogie
The Reluctant Aquanauts - Kung Bao Surf
The Vivisectors - Duane Stomp
Pozor Vlak - War Song
The Detonators - Liquid Chaos
Los Cobras - Watery Grave
Tie Dyed Jellyfish - Misirlou
Urban Surf Kings - I'm Branded
The Daytonas - Daredevil

Five songs by Shannon and the Clams

You Can Come Over
Cat Party
Rip Van Winkle
I Wanna Go Home

Stormtiger Stomp - Doug Paulin, Burt Rocket
Secret Spot - Cutback
Anxiety Attack - The High Five Revival

Nine songs by the Stompin' Riff Raffs

Horror Show
Wicked Girl
99 Chicks
You Shake Me
Knock Down
Wine Wine Wine
Ghost Train

Penetration - The Coffin Daggers
State of Mine - The Crevulators
Gambler's Blues - The Crevuators

If you know any good resources for old rock and roll, Rockabilly or Surf that is legal to use let me know, it's hard to find!

Thanks to copyright law being renewed past when it should be again and again, I won't be able to include songs like Rock Around the Clock, and Johnny B. Goode, so please don't ask, sorry guys.*

*I can however add covers of the songs, so if you know a good cover that has fair use let me know!

Will also be including some music that is given to me from users!