Stormtrooper Combat Armour Variants and Black bodyglove vault suit by Stiptikspec
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Added: 09/01/2016 - 10:23PM
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UPDATE! (10/01/2016): 
Thanks guys for the huge viewing this mod has gotten, i didn't expect that many and I'm incredibly grateful, As such I've released two new versions (One request and one variation) Which are as follows:

IMPERIAL SHADOWTROOPER: The Elite of the stormtrooper corps features an all black armour and crested with the symbol of the empire. 
DARKER ARMOUR TONE: Your armour won't stay pristine and death star ready forever right? A darker Armour tone as suggested by RapidSteve.

VIDEOS: If you would like to showcase the modification please do so and I'll upload the video to this page with credits, Show those TR8R Deathclaws  who's boss by taking them on for the glory of the galactic empire in a mod showcase!

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Many thanks to RedZone (You did say my name right)

Armours that may be added in the future (I will tick them off when completed)


More to follow, If you have a request feel free to post it, I'll take a look and see if I can get it done.

I created this mod to match xxdeathknight72xx's Stormtrooper Helmet (Found Here). It's simply a re-texture of the Combat armor pieces to make them white with black straps and accessories, as well as removing the star on the chestplate. I've also created a replacer for the vault 111 male jumpsuit which makes it black with white boots for the stormtrooper body glove worn beneath the armor. 

If you use this mod I highly recommend installing xxdeathknight72xx's Stormtrooper helmet to complete the set.


The body glove vault suit does work, After double checking it does function properly ingame. Here are some potential solutions if yours does not work for some reason.
1.) Ensure the file isn't being overwritten by another Vault suit modification
2.) Ensure your character is male (Male only at the moment)
3.)Ensure your game is modified to support custom textures (A quick google should remedy this)
4.) The Vault suit that is affected can be spawned using placeatme or additem and then 0001eed7

A few notes:

Unfortunately the white color also replaces the brotherhood combat armor

Take note this is nowhere near lore friendly and is just a bit of fun, I wouldn't recommend installing this modification for a serious or first time play through.