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Mod and description are basically one huge spoiler so don't read further if you don't want to get spoiled.

This mod adds two devices. Synth spy detector - detects and temporarily disable vanilla synth spies in your settlements, Second is Synthetic destabilizer - damages and uncovers vanilla institution synth spies.

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Dear ladies, gentleman, friends, colleges and investors.

Today I called you here, because Commonwealth is facing a terrible danger. As most of you know, I am a cybernetic expert, but because of lack of funds I have become a travelling salesman. My journey takes me many places, including The Capital Wasteland from time to time. During my travels I heard many stories about how The Institute is abducting and replacing people with synths. I thought to myself that these people have a really vivid fantasy, I couldn't believe them. Why would The Institute waste so much money and resources to start replacing people that are of no use to them. If it even exists. 

When I returned the last time, I started to have a feeling that my wife wasn't herself. A lot of times she would be wondering aimlessly. Staying up during the night, doing nothing. It made me very suspicious. I have decided to contact Dr. Roslyn Chambers whom I knew from my previous work in cybernetics. To my terror she not only confirmed that the rumors are true,but she also produced terrifying evidence of machines that looked like humans. Most of them didn't even know they were machines. She offered her help. She ensured me that they have a SAFE test how to identify synth spies with way above average
success rates. She told me she will sent her men to protect me and collect the synths in the event the worst came to pass.

When I retuned home my wife, daughter and brother were waiting for me. I have not seen my brother for years. We didn't part on good terms exactly. We started the SAFE test. My wife and my daughter didn't pass. My brother did, but he didn't pass my test. My brother would have known the answer to my questions. When I asked my escort to take my brother, things got out of hand. My wife and my daughter have decided to not comply with me or with Chambers's men requests. They decided to run and the only way out was the door which was blocked by us. All I heard was two lighting fast shorts. Self defense they said. My wife turned out to be still fully human what's more she was pregnant and that may have been the cause for her behavior. But my daughter, the sunshine of my life have been replaced by a synth.

When we returned back to Dr. Chambers and we told her what happened she didn't even say she was sorry. She gave me a speech about necessary sacrifices or something, I wasn't listening. I realized that the SAFE test is a joke and that the accuracy required is much higher. I tried speaking with Chamber's team about developing a machine that would have 100% accuracy but they just laughed at me. 

I started working anyway. I knew I just needed to find the right EMP frequency. Yes the initial results weren't that good. I even got electrocuted a few times. The pulse was unstable and flying all over. Chambers asked me to leave, so I did. I took my "brother" with me. And finally I have succeeded. I have build a device based on the electric arc trap, but instead of pure electricity I made it to dispense EMP pulse that will start the synthetic destabilization process. Once powered up, the Synth spy detector as I am calling it, will magnetize the atmosphere around and any synth spies in will start to malfunction. Here is the part that is not fully developed. You will have to stand closeby, so the pulse is going through you as to recognize human DNA. You also should be able to be in have clear line of sight to all your settlers but even if some are not it still seems to work. I am getting mixed results when using the detector inside a building so make sure you place it somewhere outside. It would be best if you would to this during a gathering of sorts. Don't worry, you or any other human will not be harmed. Worst case scenario will be a blury vision for a few seconds. Should however a synth spy be present within hearing distance, it will start short circuiting and smoking. The synth will faint. At that point you can decide what do you want to do. You can let it live and send it somewhere else or you can give it the Synthetic Destabilizer ring. If you decide to eliminate the synth before you will equip the ring on it, some settlers 
may not understand and become hostile towards you. But if you equip the ring on the synth then the ring will detect that the wearer is NOT human. It 
will release a lethal dose of EMP at this stage the synth will know that it has failed and will most likely attack. At this point you are free to eliminate the intruder. The settlers will not interfere as they will realize that the person standing next to them isn't human.

It is my dream to make our homes safe. Or at least to make sure that we will not live with these ... things among us. I understand that these products need improvement and I have heard about a underground group of scientific code name G.E.C.K. I will find them and I perfect my creations, so that our homes are safe even if we are not present. I am currently working on a weapon that will be able to fire this pulse, but I need some help and more time.

The plans to build the Synth spy detector and Synthetic destabilizer for yourself have been distributed in your welcoming packages. I have also sent a copy to DR. Roslyn Chambers. Her actions cost me my wife and my unborn child but without her, I could've lost them anyway to The Institute. I believe, it is better this way.

Thank you for coming and good luck protecting your homes.

Mod description:
WARNING Spoilers as usual!!!

This mod adds a Synth detection trap and Synthetic destabilizer ring.

Synth detection trap is arc like trap that identifies and temporarily disables any Institute Synth spies what are pretending to be regular settlers in the vanilla game and bringing death and destruction to your settlements. These are the reasons why you sometimes come home and find your stuff destroyed and people killed, with population and happiness down. They might bite your toes and steal your candy so you need to get rid of them asap. You can craft it from the trap menu in the settlement building workshop menu

Synthetic destabilizer ring is a ring that forces a synth spy into rage/frenzy so you can kill it without other settlers attacking you. You can craft that in Chem Station under ‘utilities’.

You need the schematics which have been left with Dr. Roslyn Chambers in Covenant Compound, check out the screenshot.

This is still pretty fresh and light no scripts, quests or anything. I don't want to mess with that till GECK. Once the GECK comes I will rebuild the mod. It will kill any spy instantly without the need to equip the ring on the synth. Although I quite like the possibility of leaving the synth alive if you desire to. I can make another trap or something.

The current trap range is 500. If you place it in Sanctuary Hills above the workbench it will cover the area even a bit past the bridge. I wanted it to be able to control even the biggest settlement.

Installation as usual watch our awesome Goopher on how to install mods.

Uninstallation disable in NMM or delete the .esp 

Please report any bugs if you can find any. I dare you muaaaahahahaha (evil laugh)

And as always if you use/like any mod don't forget to endorse. It is giving us the will to live. Trust me, most modders have no life and endorsements are keeping us from stopping eating walking into irradiated pool and turning into ghouls. Not the nice ones!

Have fun.