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4 completely new Raider Gangs with unique patrol patterns, 40+ new armors, highly compatible and modular, ESL.

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Four new, fully fleshed-out, mysterious and menacing Raider Gangs are now scouring the Commonwealth.

Stumble upon them on your journey or hide in the shadows to sneak past them.

Each gang patrols numerous roads and buildings, with each struggling for control over the Northern towns of the Commonwealth.

Compatible with SS2, NPCs Travel, Raider Overhaul, Horizon 1.9, Raider Gangs Extended, Pack Attack, and everything*.

A dangerous gang that splintered from a postwar military platoon. They dye their fatigues Cyan and adorn them with symbols and graffiti that signify hidden roles, ranks and stories. The gang is well armed, experienced, and cohesive. Their signature Cyan swirl marks their presence - be weary if you see it. The Gang is run by Pscyanne, an extremely dangerous raider known for both his charisma and unmatched ruthlessness.


Little is known about this group. They don't sleep - at all. They follow an esoteric sun cult, are emblazoned with secret symbols, are lead by an old man with a golden mask and have a horrifying penchant for self-immolation.


Legend has it that many years ago, a group of outcasted Raiders and Brotherhood of Steel soldiers found shelter from the apocalypse in a junkyard. They banded together and built spears and armor out of scrap. Years of training makes them very agile and extremely adept at melee combat - which has earned them their Spartan-like reputation. Today they pillage the eastern wilderness, spearing unsuspecting wastelanders, robbing scavengers or simply hunting for food.


The railway used to be a trail that could be followed all the way to Diamond City - now it's a trail that will lead to terror and death. The Railraiders came from The Far South to lay claim to the railway tracks of the Commonwealth as their own. They are lead by a murderous psychopath named Spikerail. Extreme caution should be practiced when near train tracks, especially if the spinning barrels of a mini-gun are heard.


Where to find them/ How to avoid them?


Technical Info
No LLedits, no scripts and no requirements. It's all a separate a bundle.

Since each NPC group is encompassed in it's own levelled list and pulls from it's own armor list this mod is highly compatible with most mods. The base raider levelled lists are untouched and the NPCs follow hand-placed patrol markers. The weapons are pulled from vanilla LLs allowing modded weapons to be used by these raiders. It's compatible with Raider Overhaul or any Raider Extension. It can be used with a Lore-Friendly or a Modern Build. In additon to all that the plugin and all the assets are only 350MBs and it's all ESL-ified! That means you don't have to worry about this mod taking up a mod slot, or any space!



 Me, Bethesda, see credits section for two 3D model authors who allowed me to port their mask and knife.


*If you find a Mod incompatibility please report it

I had this lying around on my hard-drive forever, so I decided to clean it up and publish it. Sorry if it's trash! Maybe the Junk Raiders
will appreciate it.