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A small RP mod to give you a start in the wasteland.

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You've awoken from your long, forced, slumber to the worst possible situation. Your love is dead, your son kidnapped and the world an irradiated shadow of it's former self. You emerge from the vault, shocked by what has become of the once familiar scenery. As you make your way down the hill towards the town you once called home, things you long since buried have started bubbling to the surface. You told your partner you were once a part of the military, but that wasn't the whole truth. You weren't just a run of the mill grunt, you were a special operative working in secret behind enemy lines. You joined the army at 18 and your talents were quickly noticed by your superiors. Allowing you to become infantry would have been a terrible waste. You spent many years without your real name...you had no home, until your final mission when your identity was compromised by a rogue agent. You finished the mission, though with heavy complications, but your superiors felt your continued involvement would only jeopardize future operations. For all your years of service you received a new identity and a house in a small town outside of Boston.

This new life of peace, boredom, was not something you adjusted to easily. You spent many nights up until dawn, bottle in hand. You were on a path to self destruction, until you met them. The one person who made this new life bearable, but now they're gone. You reach your old house in Sanctuary and meet a familiar face, well, chassis. After a chat with your old metal friend you make your way into your house. You look over your son's crib, lost in thought for what seemed like hours. Finally, you make your way into the side room...to the secret compartment you hid from your partner. Inside you kept gear from your not so peaceful days. Unfortunately the pistol had degraded over the last 200 years, but you managed to save the suppressor. Your old infiltration uniform, the muffled boots and the old knife you used to silently eliminate so many. Along with a small box of bobbypins to get where others don't want you. You kept these things in case your past came back to bite you and old enemies surfaced, but now you have a new enemy and a new mission.

This mod is just a small attempt to put some RP back into this RPG. The items added in this mod are as follows;
10mm Suppressor
BOS officer Uniform (closest thing I could find to a spy outfit that isn't a tux)
Leather Muffled Limb Mod x2
Leather Left Leg
Leather Right Leg
Combat Knife
10 Bobby Pins

The perks added are;
Gunslinger 1
Hacker 1
Locksmith 1
Mister Sandman 1
Ninja 1
Pickpocket 1
Sneak 1
Chem Resistant 1

Simply place the .txt document into your fallout 4 folder(where the .exe is located)
in game, bring up the console and type "bat spy"(without quotes) and everything will be added.
I couldn't find a code for the already modded items, so you'll have to add the mods when you get to sanctuary. You don't need the perks to add mods, only build them so you'll be fine.