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... That's a long file name for spiral staircases but whatever

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The things I make cause I'm bored and arrogant

Spiral Staircases
(Check Pics, I didn't have the 'clean' version done when I made the video, now has two variants)

Adds spiral staircase options in the menu under wood-floors, one bulkier, one clean. The clean one uses the bulky ones collision so I wouldnt advise trying to place things like lights on the clean one, just sayin

There is a Base version, then one that will stack on top of it infinitly so go as high as you want.

Settlers will not use, nobody who makes custom tiles can make settlers use things unless its the exact same as a default tile. I did however use the navmesh for the original stairs so settlers will walk into it like a wall but when you fast travel/wait they can use things on the floors above cause the navmesh technically snaps so it messes with their AI :)

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