Fallout 4
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Adds a completly standalone viking sword into the game, new custom model and textures.

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Viking Sword - Standalone Melee Weapon


This mods adds a completly standalone viking sword to the game. The models and textures are completly new aswell. I originally made this sword for one of my Fallout 4 modding tutorials, but I decided to upload it here aswell. The idea of the sword came from the sword I use for my HEMA training, aswell this sword is the one my The Elder Scrolls Online character uses in roleplay. I decided to put it in Fallout as a test, and now I want to share it with you :) It uses the same things as the Chinese Officer Sword.

How do I get the weapon in game?:

Open the console (the key to open it varies depending on your language) and write "help viking 4". There you'll get some names with numbers. Look for the one that says "Viking Sword". Then write "player.additem" and next to the additem, put a space and the number and letters that are next to "Viking Sword", just like this:

The ID of this pic might not be the same on your game.

Review from Enokthebrit:


You should be able to install it with NMM. If not it is the same way you do with every mod. Watch this if you don't know how to install mods manually, or this one if you don't know how to install it with NMM.


Either uninstall with NMM, or delete these files and archives:



As it is a completly new weapon, it should be compatible with everything. If you've any problems with it, let me know please :)


If you want to use this weapon in your mod let me know, please. Do not upload this mod to other webpages unless I give you the permission to do so, if you want to do it, ask me first, please.

Thanks, credits and tools used:

- The model and textures were made by me using Maya, Substance Designer and Substance Painter.
- Photoshop, convert the textures from Substance Painter as .dds that work with Fallout.
- FO4Edit, awesome tool.
- NifSkope, awesome tool aswell.
- 3ds Max, to export as .nif and scale it proportionally to Fallout 4 weapons.
- 3ds Max .nif import-export.
- I want to thank aswell billyro, for showing me that there was actually a new version for the 3ds Max nif tools.
- Bethesda, awesome game :)