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Added: 07/01/2016 - 07:30PM
Updated: 04/04/2016 - 03:07AM

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Tripping over radiation? Getting electricity in your eyes? Then you need:
Safety Signage!

This will add several buildable signs of an industrial safety theme.

v 0.7

67 Wall Signs and Posters (26 vanilla, 41 custom)
7 A-Frames (3 custom, 4 vanilla)

Added in 0.7:


Wall signs are all under Wall Decorations > Signs
A-Frames are under Misc Decorations > Misc

Coming Soon
More Posters!
Will continue to expand the selection
More Signs!
Will continue to expand the selection

Either use Nexus Mod Manager or:
Extract everything to the Data folder and enable OSHA_Signs.esp


Disable/delete OSHA_Signs.esp
Remove Materials/BS_OSHA, Meshes/BS_OSHA, and Textures/BS_OSHA

None currently known - Adds nothing that should cause a conflict
Tested with Homemaker and Alternate Settlements.
Should be compatible with anything using Stuyk's Settlement Keywords, but it isn't required.