About this mod

This is a mod that takes our favoutite minuteman and reforms him into a whole new character!

Permissions and credits
A massive change to our favourite Minuteman!
Now I'm sure us common folk quickly got tired of Preston's antics. Especially with glitches making him white (and shoot you in the back of the head for no reason, right after you loaded a save.) Our favourite minuteman is now getting a full overhaul! My idea is to go for a manlier (for lack of a better word) character along with full functionality! Face and Colonial duster textures supplied by Waya555 and R97R.

With a stronger drawn face and a bassy voice comes the new and improved Preston Garvey!
Thanks to both Waya555 and Asterra!

Not only does Preston have a new body, an optional dark tanned leather duster is here!
Thanks to R97R!

Notify me if you get any bugs and I will see about fixing them.

Check out Waya's mod, Face Ripped Collection;

And R97R's Colonial Duster Retextures!