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!!!!One of the most popular Fallout4 SweetFx Shader presets goes to ENB!!!! Version 4.0 Out Now!!!
Less collors, better survival and realistic dead atmosphere.
Improved diffrence between brightness and darkness. (ligth, shadow, night)

Permissions and credits

Stalker Lights SweeFx + ENB

This preset is not a colorfull movie or cinema style!
I dont like the ugly Bioshock optics in Fallout 4.  So Stalker Lightning (
Photorealistic Wastland) make the game DEAD. Its a real colorless and
dead optics now. You can feel the post apocalyps atmosphere and i think
its looks much better.

Download the darker version for if you like dark nights and real dark room and dungeons! you
have to use lights and nvg in the night. I prefere to downlaod Staker
sounds from Here

THX Bananaphone333 for this great job!

DO you like it?Please  don`t forget to ENDORSE !!!

download reshade framewok from homepage http://reshade.me/
download ENB Fils (latest version) from  Boris Vorontsov ENB Home
download Stalker Lights from this page.

other importend mods u need to get the same result!

Fr4nsson's Light Tweaks by Fr4nsson
Remove Interior Fog by Abbalovesyou
Interiors Enhanced - Darker Ambient Light and Fog by fadingsignal

Make sure that you have deinstalled the old reshade and enb!!!

 Open it and extract the reshade and ENB files to your Fallout 4 folder where
the Fallout.exe is (u don´t know...C:\Program Files
(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4)

Open Stalker lightning zip.

Place all the files in your root Fallout 4 game directory.This should
be located at:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4"

Set HBAO on if u use version 4.0.

How to video scroll down there.

Thats it.
Have fun.

Version 2.0

-colore more realistic
-remove  visible water bug
-more fps frendly but not for ultra low user! sorry
-remove extreme blue touch

Version 3.0

-add ENB
-add HQ Bloom
-add HQ DOF
-add Lens

Version 3.2

-overhaul HQ Bloom
-working lens-effect ( best effect at night)
-add enb-effect
-fix some bugs

Version 4.0

-add new ENB - Lens effects (Skyrim Lens)
-add SweetFx - Lens effects
-improved shadow and light (shadowed areas are darker, direct sunlight areas are brighter)
-improved collor system to make the commonwealth  more realistic
-fix some reshade errors
-use ENB - Environment for more realstik dark nights (!Must use flashlights!)
-working with darker nights (use light darker nights) and true storms

Video Version 3.2

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