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Have you always wanted your CBBE nails to actually BE nails? Going passed the edge of the finger, like irl, when you dated a woman that actually tried? Well, gentlemen and women, NOW we have it!

Permissions and credits
Consider the newer nails at:
HN66s French Nails for FO4 by humannature66

CBBE Beautiful Nail Polish Edition now Unique Player and Bods Compatible

This is an extension of the above mod, this contains the mesh modifications necessary to have nails that are actually nails! 
They will be able to be made unique to your player, but that needs d-rail's Unique Player and Unique Bods Mods.

Eight nail colors, in Unique Editions too!  Two nail shapes!  Now in Almond Edition (just download almond shape update!  It will keep the color you already had...mix and match all the colors and nail shapes, they are separate.)*

Pedicures are now live at: CBBE - Beautiful Nails Mod - Pedicures

Choices in both reg and unique versions:

- French Tip (new) compatible with both reg and almond nail shapes, and now actually done like google pictures! whoopsie.
- Red (new)
- Pink (new)
- Black/Goth
- Dark Red
- Hot Pink
- HeavyWeaponsPerson version of Blue
- Deep Blue Sparkly (thanks to Mr. Dave's technique)

I just noticed I don't have all the colors previewed...I reset my game resolution to 1080p instead of 1280xCRAP, so I can make good screen shots now...oh boy.

*yo, suggest colors...can't be prints because of UV and mesh wackiness...for now...I'm learning stuff...but it has to be a mesh replacement for the nails.

This WILL make your manicure Unique for your Player as per d_rail:
"I'd recommend this installation order:
  1. CBBE, http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15/?
  2. Unique Player by d_rail, http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3718/?
  3. Unique Player Bods by d_rail, http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6944/?
  4. CBBE- Beautiful Nails Mod - Scratchy Edition"

What I'm working on:
1) Forgot FOmod of this mod...will make it easier to find what you want and download it.
2) Will do a round shape nail within a couple of days...holy cow there's so much to relearn and learn and go uh oh, I didn't know I needed to know that!
3) Do you guys want the ring fingers on both hands a different color?  I've seen that on a lot of women...Idk why they do that...
4) You'll have pedicures for your Player soon...BUT I'm not making long toe nails...ew.
Example of female with toe nails: https://www.dropbox.com/s/isyr24gafpcyqd1/lhasa%20apso%20example.jpg?dl=0 ...Caution, animal nudity.

CBBE/BodySlide/Outfit Designer
Ousnius and Caliente for allowing me to work on their stuff.
d_rail for his speed for a need.
The modders that helped and others that were insulting when I asked questions.
LTV Professional Air Cushion seats, so I don't break my ass sitting all day
Intel Texture Works for making something that helps
Photoshop CC, cause damn it's good once you relearn stuff you thought you knew...
NifSkope even broken cause it saved me lots of time, Ok, screw NifSkope, hello 3ds max...NifSkoper is a groupI can't yet join; man reading the Masons' book was easier...it was my grandpa's and they took the book back a couple of weeks after he passed away...I wasn't finished...!
Quixel Suite, but I don't know enough of it yet. Hmmm, I learning Substance Painter now, mofo.
Natural Selection for making humans just a little more than talking apes (evolution is bs!)