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Added: 04/01/2016 - 05:59PM
Updated: 05/01/2016 - 11:40PM

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Last updated at 23:40, 5 Jan 2016 Uploaded at 17:59, 4 Jan 2016

This mod takes the jetpack from power armor and straps it to the back of combat armor. Here are a few of the features...

  • The fire comes out of the correct holes.
  • There is an optional "Lore friendly" version.
  • You can craft it at the chemstation under the "ARMOR" tab
  • You can use a jetpack when not in power armor.
  • The heavy combat armor it's attached to functions just like normal combat armor.
  • It looks pretty darn cool.
  • Did i mention the fire comes out of the right holes?

Future plans:
  • Make it require appropriate skills and materials to craft. Done.
  • Fix the female version. Done.
  • Add jetpack color options.
  • Fix the animation.
  • Make jetpacks an upgrade option for combat armor,Maybe even all armors.

Read this tutorial and then install with a mod manager and select the version you want or unzip the file, open the version you want, move the "Data" folder to your main install directory and enable the ESP.

  • 1.1: Made optional "Lore Friendly" version with more appropriate crafting requirements. Made FOMOD to accommodate new version. 
  • 1.2: Fixed female versions jetpack and fire alignment.

Thanks to J3litzkrieg for giving me permission to use his jetpack mesh and textures from these mods: Compact Jetpack and Standard Issue Jetpack