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Hi there, this is a mod by me Cassius

I've compiled togethor all of my current Holiday mods into one to make them easier to grab in bulk.

If you would like the solo mods check the mod pages on my profile otherwise enjoy the compilation!

Happy Holidays!


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Video Credits : Tyrannicon
A Merry Christmas to you!

It's a tad late as I recieved a ban for copyright with my last radio upload, this has since then been fixed. NOTHING IN THE FILE IS COPYRIGHTED ALL THE SONGS ARE EITHER OPEN SOURCE OR FROM BEFORE 1923 AND FREE FOR PUBLIC USE.

Sorry about that... This has all my Christmas mods in one enjoy the fuck out of it guys it was a ton of work getting all this stuff up and running. They may be small and comical edits, however together I think they create a lovely package that really changes the feel of the game to a very festive one!