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AronaxAE and FancyPants

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Turns all Deathclaws into Macho Man' Randy Savage (With Audio)

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What does it do?

When roaming through the commonwealth, I ponder many thoughts, thoughts like "Why do Molerats dig so much" and "Why is this person stuck in a wall?". Whilst pondering these thoughts, I always miss the lack of Randy Savage in game. Well don't worry fellow traveller, for I have saved you, behold Randy in all his glory!

How to Install?

Use Mod Organizer 2:


Mod incompatibilities:
Any mod that modifies the default .tri files that this mod uses

Load Order:

Loose files, so no explicit load order.

If you have another mod that modifies the same loose files, allow this mod to ovewrite them.


Can I modify your mod / fix it / make my own version?


Will my save be unusable after uninstalling this mod?

Technically no, but Bethesda, so who knows.

MPORTANT: You do not have permission to use anything in this mod for commercial purposes.
(YouTube is fine)

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