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Multiple standalone female and male hairstyles made from edited vanilla hair meshes for the fashionable Sole Survivor (and their friends).

Permissions and credits
Kat's New Hairstyles

After a tough learning process and numerous failed hairstyles crashing my game, I have for you some cool and cute alternate hairstyles for female and male characters.

-Pretty Bunny - Miss Noir with two buns
-Too Cute - Agent X with two buns
-Rey - a recreation of Rey's triple buns from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
-Rad Girl - A shortened version of No Apologies
-Primrose -A mashup of So Sultry and Picket Fences
-Yaoi Guai - (I am too proud of this name) Rough Night with two smaller buns
-Top It Off - Pulled back hair with a large bun
-Top It Off- Bangs - Pulled back hair with a large bun and ballerina bangs (courtesy Foxtrotone)
-Honey Pot - A less ridiculous version of  The Hornet's Nest
-Bright Side - A mashup of the male hair Beatnik with Picket Fence's bangs
-Rey (Version 2) - A more accurate copy of Rey's hair
-Hawkgirl - a lengthened Warhark with Enlisted sides

Install with NMM, and make sure the .esp is checked.
If the hairs are showing up as bald or some other glitch, move the meshes from CharacterAssets\Female to CharacterAssets\Hair\Female. Fixed with 1.01.
Works with hair texture replacers like Oni's and with other hairstyle mods.

Thank You's
A major thank you to Opengts for their help, without it there'd be no mod. Check out their awesome ponytail conversions mod!
Top It Off now contains assets courtesy of Opengts and Foxtrotone, thanks!
Also thanks to the Nifskope, Fo4Edit, and Outfit Studio team even though their products frustrated me, the noob, for hours, it's not their fault. probably

Current Bugs
- It can be hard to select the hairstyles in the showlooksmenu, the Rey bun can be selected through the hairline or top bun. Too Cute, Pretty Bunny, and Yaoi Guai can be selected by the top left bun.

- Buns show through hats
- If you uninstall the mod with Pretty Bunny on, your character will have the bangs still on their bald head, so to be safe, don't do that.

Tools Used
-Outfit Studio

Mods in Screenshots
Zella's Hair Dye Collection
Appealing Moles

fixed folder placement
fixed Rad Girl bald spot and Yaoi Guai's lack of buns
Added the file for male character use. Some hairs have weird clipping, but I'm not going to go through every mesh to fix it. Adds 3 vanilla female hairs as well.

equality at last
Primrose hairline fix
Top It Off fixed, plus bangs option available!
Honey Pot and Bright Side added for female
Guys, why didn't you tell me I was missing two .nifs... Good thing I didn't update the Dudes file because I couldn't even find them in my folders. Top It Off and Top It Off- Bangs are fixed.
Fixed bald spot on Bright Side, added Hawkgirl and Rey (Version 2) which is a more accurate version of Rey's hair.

Thanks Slipkorn for the video!

Check out this awesome mod review!

Failed Hairstyle Graveyard
Who would like to have an Elegant/Evening Out mashup? I did, but Bethesda did not. I unfortunately spent a lot of time on this mod with not too many hairstyles to show for it, as most hairs that I designed had two edited flowing hairstyles put together, and these would crash the game. Even making one static caused more trouble than it was worth and failed anyway. However, if you want some more hairs with buns, I'm your girl.
Let's pay our respects to the fallen: