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Team outfits from USMC (United Survivalist Militia Corp.)
Continuing on throughout the Fallout series.

Permissions and credits
Team Falcon-v600
by: Lighthorse

This mod has been made as self contained as possible.

So far I have 8 special rifles for you to find and 3 pistols. All can be updated at the workbench, They have better damage.
1st. is a Legendary rifle, Falcon's Eagle. So far every time any in our team has gone to pick it up,
        it has been a sniper rifle. It has a slightly higher damage rate than Falcon's Rifle and has Legendary Power. 
2nd. is a Legendary shotgun, Condor's Widowmaker. A combat shotgun with a bit more damage and has Legendary Explosive.
3rd. is a nice little Legendary .38 PPK which also has a legendary Assassin's tagged on to it.
4th. is Condor's Finger a Sniper rifle with a Penetrating Legendary perk.
5th. is Condor's Undertaker which is a Legendary Powerful .44
6th. is The Judge's Nighthawk .45 Assassin. quit and deadly. Well if the right mods are put on. Has Assassin Legendary perk.
7th. is Judge's Deliverance a Combat Assault Rifle with Powerful Legendary perk.
8th. is Sandi's Phantom, a 50cal Long gun with an Assassin's Legendary perk.
9th. Cant forget Falcon's 45cal SMG. It has a Powerful Legendary perk.
10th. Would be Bad Buck. A Plasma Rifle with a Powerful Legendary perk.
11th. Would be Lighthors's Wraith, a Sniper Rifle with a Penetrating Legendary perk. and with Enemy Soul Searching.
         When looking through any of the Wraith's scopes enemy will turn red until you stop looking through the scope.

Falcon's Eagle, Falcon's PPK and Condor's Widow Maker will be found at the end of a mission 
for an Old Minuteman member. Don't want to give anything away. Info also below for the PPK, Nighthawk and Undertaker.
The Wraith can be found in the Glowing Sea.

I have added 6 unique items in the weapons workbench for hunting rifles. 
1st. "Falcon's Tactical Stock" it is stand alone and its color will not affect the Marksman.
It adds a little better accuracy and stability than the Marksman.
2nd. "Falcon's Ported Barrel" also a little better than the long ported barrel.
Nothing extreme.
3rd. "Falcon's .50 Receiver" More Damage and accuracy than the standard .50 barrel.
4th. "Falcon's Suppressor" Suppresses sound from firing. Exceptional per-shot 
recoil. Exceptional recoil control. Reduced range.
5th. "Falcon's Muzzle Break" Exceptional recoil control. Better per-shot recoil. Inferior range.
6th. "Falcon's Tuned Compensator" Improved per-shot recoil. Improved recoil control. 
Reduced range. Slight increase in range and damage.

I have also added 2 unique items for the Combat Shotgun.
1st. "Condor's Automatic Receiver" Superior+ damage. Improved rate of fire. 
2nd. "Condor's Tuned Ported and Shielded Barrel" Superior+ recoil and range. Tight spread.
3rd. "Condor's Suppressor" Suppresses sound from firing. Exceptional per-shot 
recoil. Exceptional recoil control. Reduced range.
4th. "Condor's Muzzle Break" Exceptional recoil control. Better per-shot recoil. Inferior range.
5th. "Condor's Tuned Compensator" Improved per-shot recoil. Improved recoil control. 
Reduced range. Slight increase in range and damage.

The unique items for Condor's Finger will be his powerful receiver and epic x12 scope.
If you take the west road from vault 111, follow it and you will see a power tower to the right.
To the right of the road was his house, all that is left is the shed, the door is locked.
His home is gone but the shed is still there. I would look there for it.

Each of these weapons and mods are under there own Category.
Now also there is the question of Falcon's PPK. He dropped it in a battle and it is believed to
have been picked up by different people thru the years. As of now it is thought to be for sale
from a vendor outside of Concord. She is called Trashcan Carla, but don't call her that to her 
face if you want to live. Check with her she might have it for sale. It uses .38cal bullets. 
When you get it, it will be old and rusty but it can be renewed at a weapons bench, as the parts 
are built the weapon will get newer as you go. The parts added have there own textures.
Don't worry, just in case Carla is dead there is a spare next to Falcon's Eagle.
She may also have Falcon's SMG. 
Falcon also mentioned he left his Eagle at the fort. He said the Eagle, PPK and Widowmaker are there.

Condor said he was in heated battle when he set the Undertaker down. He remembers it was on a desk
and remembers train tracks. The feral's were all over the place. That was all he said right before a bunch
of raiders attacked us.
Max was trying to catch up with his wife. She was last seen somewhere behind Red Rocket, they say she
was wounded, her Phantom might be found there. Falcon believes Max was out by a diner when last seen.
He doesn't think they made it.
Judge was in a battle at the Robotics Disposal Ground. The farel's finally over powered him, he died and his
Nighthawk.45 Assassin is believed to be laying next to his body. 
As for Lighthorse, he was in the Glowing sea looking for his other Wraith. He had 2 of them, it was said that
the Grim Reaper himself came and revived Lighthorse and gave him those rifles to help gather wicked lost souls.
He was last seen on his way to the post that the team worked at and was seen in a horrid battle at a church,
it is not known if he was brought back again. So Falcon thinks both Long guns are in the Glowing Sea somewhere.
One is probably at the post and the other at that church.

** Our weapons are stand alone and will not be affected by other weapon enhancers that I know of. **
So for weapons:
Falcon's Eagle      -  50cal Long gun     > Powerful
Falcon's PPK        -  38cal Handgun      > Assassin's
Falcon's SMG       -  45cal SMG     > Powerful
Condor's Finger   -  308cal Long gun   > Penetrating
Condor's Widowmaker-  12 gauge Shotgun> Explosive
Condor's Undertaker    -  44cal Hand cannon      > Powerful
Sandi's Phantom  -  50cal Long gun     > Assassin's
Bad Buck      -  Plasma Rifle  > Powerful
Max's Honey Badger   -  12 gauge auto shotgun > Powerful
Judge's Deliverance    -  Combat Assault Rifle     > Powerful
Judge's Nighthawk      -  45cal Handgun       > Assassin's
Lighthorse's Wraith     -  50cal Long gun       > Penetrating
Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses
Lighthorse's Coat
Lighthorse's Duster
Lighthorse's Battle Coat
Lighthorse Hazmat Suit
Condor's Coat
Condor's Duster
Condor's Battlecoat
Condor's Hazmat suit
Max's Duster
Max's Coat
Max's Battlecoat
Max's Hazmat Suit

Also spread throughout the waste you will find duffel bags, lockers and containers 
containing ammo, aid or guns.
We also have full color and night vision Recon (4x and 10x) for the Hunting Rifle. they are stand 
alone and do not effect the standard Recon Scopes.
Also in this MOD are the Team outfits from USMC (United Survivalist Militia Corp.)
They use the Courser, MacCready's duster and Maxon's Battlecoat. They are stand alone. The Courser
is unchanged except for its Patches and resistance. The Duster and Battlecoat were made for the 
team leaders only "Lighthorse, Condor and Max". The texture will not affect the duster or Coat that 
MacCready and Maxon wear. All have resistance levels a little higher than the railroad coat.
As a last note, the Legendary Weapon TwoShot was changed from add 1 to multiply 2. The reason for 
this is yes if you have one bullet and add two shot you get 2 bullets, but if it is on a shotgun 
with 8 pellets you will only get a total of 9 pellets. So changing it to multiply 2, you will then
have twice the amount in what ever gun it is. A shotgun will then fire two cartridges not just an
extra pellet.
Next we added the Weapons Legendary options to the Weapons bench. Did not do the
Armor Legendary's as it seemed you get those all day long.
I have seen sense someone has a mod that does both, I do not know if it will conflict.
but I really don't want to put the time into doing the Armor. If enough ask for it I'll find 
his and ask to import his armor.
First when you leave the vault go to the house you started at and look on the counter open
the Med box and READ the note. then help Codsworth out, he's been waiting a long time.

A Big Thank You goes to tooun for a great suppressor and scope.
Reticles used are from Zeyphir's Modern Scope Reticles - Scope Reticle Overhaul
Mod location; https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6108/?tab=posts&BH=0