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F4SE based, highly configurable complex AI Detection, NPC and Stealth Level HUD Indicator.

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About this mod:

F4SE based interface mod that adds a highly configurable, complex AI Detection, NPC and Stealth level HUD indicator to the game. I named it "Stealth Meter Plus" after the vanilla Sneak HUD indicator that is called "Stealth Meter" in the game files.


It uses F4SE to add Stealth Meter Plus to the HUD so it should be compatible with any interface mods. The mod doesn't touch any vanilla record or interface file.

Stealth Meter Plus:

There are numerous options to personalize Stealth Meter Plus, just take a look at the mod pictures... the target NPC ("Detection Actor") can be the closest combatant, closest hostile, player detecter, any dead and living (even non player detecter) NPCs, or a player-defined custom NPC. Stealth Meter Plus can show the Detection Actor's direct LoS (line-of-sight), distance, units of distance (yards, meters, etc.), health points (in %), direction (in °). It's also possible to change its position on HUD (x, y coords), visibility state (while sneaking, not sneaking, always, etc.), bracket behavior (static or follow Stealth level when/only if...), detection texts (the full text composition), colors (hostile and non-hostile).

Vanilla Stealth Meter:

As an additional feature, the mod allows you to change the position and the visibility settings of the vanilla Stealth Meter. Modifying the vanilla Stealth Meter happens at runtime too (through F4SE) so it doesn't (can't, technically) overwrite or cause any permanent changes to the HUD. Ultimately, it's possible to completely hide the vanilla Stealth Meter with the mod's on-the-fly interface editor system if one considers it unimmersive or just simply prefers a "clean HUD".

MCM and Hotkey support:

Stealth Meter Plus can also be quickly turned on/off through a Hotkey (see the image [ Stealing ] in Gallery below). The mod has MCM support but equivalent console commands are available for those who don't have or just wouldn't like to use MCM. (The command list is in mod's Articles section).

Detection Peek:

A unique feature that allows you to use the Aim Target (NPC in the crosshair while aiming) as target actor for Stealth Meter Plus.


Garden of Eden Papyrus Script Extender
if you're wondering why:


(I chose the same vanilla HUD components (Crosshair's MovieClips) to add Stealth Meter Plus through F4SE to the HUD that he used in Nameplates which certainly saved me a few hours as there are quite a few HUD components to choose from..)


[ Stealing ]

[   "Minimalist" vs. "Dump everything"   ]

[ Compilation ]

[   Custom Detection State Texts   ]

[ MCM Settings ]

[Detection Peek]