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This uses AssassinDUDE91's retextures to add a standalone Deadpool armor to the game.

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I've used AssassinDUDE91's Deadpool textures to create a standalone Deadpool armor for both males and females. The armor itself is quite overpowered - you can add both the ballistic weave and the vault suit lining to both the armor and the hood. The armor also adds +1 STR and +1 AGL, and the hood adds +1 PER and +1 CHA. Let's face it, it wouldn't be Deadpool if it wasn't totally badass.

The armor can be built at a chem station under Utilities. Don't ask why, that seems to be where all the constructable armors are put. The ingredients needed are a little whacky, but let's face it, only Deadpool would use asbestos to make armor.

Alternatively, you can use the console command player.additem. The codes are:
Deadpool armor: XX000801
Deadpool hood: XX000800

Replace XX with the loadorder.

There are two options to download. The one which contains the Deadpool decal for the combat armor requires Endormoon's Craftable Custom Combat Armor mod to work. It just adds a Deadpool decal to the large list of decals already added. I recommend using this mod anyway as it will allow you more customisation over your combat armor appearance, so you can have it matching the pictures in AssassinDUDE91's mod.

Remember, if you like this mod, be sure to endorse AssassinDUDE91's Deadpool mod as well.