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Institute armor overhaul

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This is a faction armor replacer using FafnyB's Nox Outfit, EvTital's Biohazard Suit, and Ethnet's Trepang Style NVGs.

The Outfits are distributed as follows:

  • Robotics Division scientists wears red bio-suits.
  • Advanced Engineering scientists wear blue bio-suits.
  • Bio-Science Division scientists wear gray/green bio-suits.
  • Synth Detention Bureau scientists wear camouflage because they are a field unit as well as research.
  • Division Leaders wear yellow bio-suits to help set them apart from their subordinates.
  • Generic scientists wear white bio-suits.
  • Institute civilians and their synth counterparts wear just the Nox under armor.
  • Gen 1 Synths spawn with vests and kneepads, no outfit fits their turning obsolete look IMO.
  • Gen 2/3 and Synth Leader units wear the Nox outfit and mono/dual goggle NODs that glow green.
  • Coursers wear a complete set of Nox gear and quad-eye panoramic NODs that glow red. 
  • Kellogg wears different gear in the memories section of the game and then is fully kitted out in the present day.

[If your rig can handle it, a decent ENB makes the NODs look amazing in low light!]

I hope you enjoy my take on a modern sci-fi Institute, Enjoy!
Huge thank you too FafnyB, EvTital, and Ethnet for making such amazing mods.