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Canned Coffee' Boss

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BOSS is the trademark of Suntory Foods & Beverages.

Boss of Canned Coffee, BOSS.

I apprehended a suspect w/ dolphin jump once,
it was AWFUL.
- T.L.J.

Coffee or Tea?
Oh, I would like to have a canned coffee, thanks.
This mod currently just derivatives from Purified Water, and make it half-sized as the drink actually looks.
Will work on Buff (i.e. addition on S.P.E.C.I.A.L.) later[done], also the series of the beverage.

You can either:
1. Download and install w/ NMM, done.
2. Manually, just extract files under Fallout 4 Installation Path, done.

All canned coffee has addition on Charisma and Endurance, and 1 more distinct special effect.
Do not overdose which might cause disorientation. DAFUQ?
use console command 
player.placeatme {coffeeID} or player.additem {coffeeID}
CC0BAA for BOSS Rainbow Mountain Blend - Luck
CC0BBB for BOSS BLACK - Perception
CC0BCC for BOSS Cafe au Lait. - Agility

1.0.1 - Initial Release
1.0.1b - Esp tweek
1.1.0 - Cafe au Lait added.
1.2.0 - Magic effects assigned, also texture fix.

This work use BSD-2, just DWTFYW as long as you credits.

Special Thanks
ElminsterAU - FO4Edit
jonwd7 - B.A.E.

Other works
Vintage Hi-chew (ca. 1989) - One does not simply High chilled.
Bubble gum Retexture - Chew myyyyy!

Oh~! And now I am impressed! - Tom Lee Jones