Fallout 4
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Replaces nailboards with a new, custom spear. Includes 1k, 2k and 4k textures, full weapon mod support and optional less rusty versions. Now includes standalone alternative!

Permissions and credits

Spears - Board Replacer - Standalone

By Billyro


This mod replaces all nailboards (or "boards") with a new, custom spear model. I personally never use boards in Fallout 4 - they're too clunky and unappealing in my opinion - so, I decided to create a weapon that I would actually use. 

You can pick from 1k, 2k and 4k textures. All in-game weapon mods are custom made, functioning and fitted. There is also an optional "less rusty" version available for download. 


This version adds the spear to the game as a standalone weapon. Weapon attachments are now supported thanks to Robtest! 

You can craft the spear at any chemistry station. 

(Spear starts at 1:56 - thanks Tyrannicon!)


The board replacer version will overwrite anything that changes nailboards. This may include weapon damage balancing mods. The included .esp file only renames "Board" to "Spear" - nothing else. It'll be a cinch to make patches.  

The standalone version should be compatible with everything. 

Known Issues:

None that I know of. 


The standard procedure. If you're unfamiliar with installing mods, watch this (manual installation) or watch this (NMM installation).


Please notify me if you want to use this model in a custom mod. Do not upload elsewhere unless I give you permission. 

Credits and Tools Used:

3DS Max 2016

Robtest for adding extras to the standalone version.