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  • Development log that will hopefully be useful to other modders

    Would hopefully be helpful for folks that wish to tailor this mode as well.

    One of the most glaring issue with the base game's control is that you can't unequip a hotkeyed item using the same hotkey. So I started off with the idea of swapping 2 pieces of worn equipment, but hot-keyed. 1 with the bullet time effect, the other without.

    Initial version started off as a Power Armor mod for the left arm (coz I can then fluff it as an interface to the Pipboy). And drains fusion core instead of AP.

    Now, I also wear charisma boosting items and when I need to speak to an NPC for speech checks, I will exit power armor.

    After playing with this for a week, 1 shortcoming of my design became obvious, I kept having to re-hotkey the armpiece tha...