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Exploration awaits! Uncover dozens of new locations created from the closed buildings around the Commonwealth.

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As many have noted since Fallout 4's release, a large number of buildings around the Commonwealth are closed. While multiple great mods add new locations to these buildings, few do so in a way that I want. Rather than grandiose locations, I desired smaller, quiet areas that build a world's immersion. The kind that allows the player to piece together their own stories.

As alluded to previously, the main goal of Open Commonwealth is to provide more significant exploration opportunities. This is done through dozens of new locations, including an art gallery, bookstore, and butcher, among a multitude of other houses, offices, and stores. Furthermore, exploration is aided through small environmental stories, be it a survivalist's bunker or the long-forgotten remains of a Mr. Handy. Finally, many new areas incentivize exploration by having SPECIAL checks to find hidden items or access new spaces. 

  • Ceft Main file should be loaded above Open Commonwealth to ensure new assets load properly.

  • This mod contains rebuilt precombines and visibility, so it should be pushed down in your load order as far as possible.

  • Any mods that edit the same locations are incompatible and/or need a patch:

    • Concord
    • Lexington
    • Cambridge
    • East Boston
    • Malden
    • Fort Hagen
    • Bunker Hill

  • If you want only some of the locations in this mod, you can find all regions broken into their own mods on my profile.

  • If you previously used any of the individual mods, you must create a clean save file after uninstalling them before installing this all-in-one mod.

  • This mod is centered around seven main regions in the Commonwealth. Several areas remain untouched for a number of reasons. Some areas did not facilitate opening buildings because none were eligible to open, while others only had a select few. Another reason was to not harm performance in already struggling locations.

  • Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who has supported this mod's development along the way by downloading, offering suggestions, and pointing out bugs. It means a lot.