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A variety of new standalone outfits.

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  This mod adds TWELVE new Outfits, FIVE new Helmets, a Hooded BallCap and Touque in FOUR different colors, Neck Scarves in FOUR different colors, a new GasMask, Bandana that doesnt clip, Armor pieces that don't clip with outfits(very much, will fix this more), goggles and gloves into the game.  All craftable at the Armorsmith Table under their own tab and fully upgrade-able and weave-able at a workbench. AWKCR is a pre-requisites for this mod now.

  A huge THANK YOU to drdanzel for the compatibility patch which helped me work all this out! 


1.5-Added three new outfit, Commonwealth Pioneer, Survivalist Saboteur and the Scout Kellogg outfits
       -Updated textures
       -Updated nifs and removed bogus nodes
       -Fixed various clipping issue on the female outfits when running and crouching
       -Fixed Survivalist Bandolier
       -Fixed Survivalist Scarf's 1st person clipping issue's
       -Leveled List's and a few more surprises coming in 1.6 so stay tuned!!

1.4-Added the Commonwealth Casual outfit in 5 colors!
       -Added Survivalist Plate Arm armor
       -Fixed the glove gap on the BOS Deserter outfit,
       -Fixed various little clipping issue's,
       -Fixed texture paths and bgsm's on a few nifs. 

1.3-A HUGE laundry list of changes!
       -Full AWKCR support, 
       -New outfits
       -New accessories
       -Updated textures
       -Updated nifs and many more small changes and fixes  
1.2-I fixed the female Looter Jacket2 model, works fine, looks good and changed the in game tooltip to reflect        this. So ALL ARMORS are now male\female equip-able. Also adjusted some settings so that layered armor            sits a bit better on the outfits, and added the Burgundy Looter Jacket to the Main download.

1.1-I added a Red/Burgundy Looter Jacket


     Also, remember to check out my other mods on my page.  I hope you like em!                                                               Cheerz!