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A tool for modifying compiled .PEX files that can later be loaded by placing them in your /SCRIPTS/ folder.

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PexInspector v0.2.1 Alpha Release
 A Tool to modify Compiled Papyrus Scripts (.PEX) files
 Works for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim. 

 This tool is still in alpha and may contain a lot of unknown bugs so use with caution.
 All scripts that you save will automatically have a backup created, so in worst case scenario you can just revert back.

 Pex Files to modify?
 I have included a "pexlibrary.zip" with this package that includes all Fallout 4 .PEX files available.
 Unzip this one and you should be ready to start modding! 

 There are nothing special, after unzipping the package you should be able to run it by starting PexInspector.bat or the 
 PapyrusDotNet.PexInspector.exe that exists inside the /bin/ folder.
 PexInspector requires .NET Framework 4.5.2 to be installed. If you do not have it installed already, you can download it
 here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42642

 If you have any questions, you can add me on skype: zerratar
 Or send me an email: [email protected], or why not just by pm on Nexusmods forums? My username is: zerratar
 Open Source
 PexInspector is open source and is part of PapyrusDotNet which can be found on github

 Version 0.2.1
  * Fixed a bug causing invalid code to be displayed by the decompiled. 
  * Fixed an issue with the instruction editor that could cause invalid arguments.
  * Fixed a bug causing PexInspector to sometimes crash when modifying instructions.
  * Updated so that the decompiler re-runs whenever you modify the instructions.
  * Updated the syntax highlighting to be a bit prettier and cover more keywords.

 Version 0.2.0
   * Added source display powered by Champollion Decompiler by Orvid King for when selecting a method.
        NOTE: The version used in PexInspector is not a fully fledged decompiler and is only for easy and
        quick presentation of the current method's source code. For a complete and better version (if you need a decompiler.)
        You should use Orvid's Champollion instead. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/3742/?
   * The Method Selector now lists all the available methods for the selected "Location"
   * Fixed a bug causing PexInspector to crash whenever a method that
        did not exist within the method selection list was used when no methods were selected.
   * You can now press on Enter on your keyboard in most editor dialogs to finish the selection/edit (Same as pressing on OK)


 * Edit / Remove / Add Instructions
 * Edit / Remove / Add Parameters
 * Edit / Remove / Add Method Variables
 * Edit / Remove / Add States
 * Edit / Remove / Add Fields
 * Remove Methods
 * Remove Properties
 * Drag and Drop Script files right into the Tree List
 * Find Field, Property and Method Usages
 * Find Type References, for quickly finding which scripts that are based on a specific type.
 * Papyrus Pex Decompiler for displaying Source Code of the active method (Powered by a modified version of Champollion)
To Come In The Future
 * Edit / Add Properties
 * Edit / Add Methods
 * Edit / Remove / Add Structs (Fallout 4 only)
 * Pex Validator ( Verify the PEX files to make sure that they will work )

 PexInspector has been used for
 * OCDecorator, by mcface

 * So Much Productivity (Workshop Productivity Multiplied by 10)

 * You are Very Special (Increase Youre SPECIAL stats gain to 25 instead of 1)
 Thanks to Orvid King for his superb work on Champollion
 PexInspector contains a ported and modified version of this decompiler.
 Full source code is available on github as well.