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Optimized ini's that increase framerate. Reduces shadow quality, disables godrays, reduces draw distances, disables AA & AO...etc.

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Abandoned Mod

Attention all! I apologize; life is getting in the way of me maintaining this mod, so I am now officially stopping support and naming this mod "Abandoned". It is severely out of date and according to the comment page and my PM's, has a lot of issues. I have no idea how many updates have been made to the game since I last updated this mod. But I know there have been some major changes to the way Fallout 4 handles, generates, and configures its .ini files over the life of the game. This mod has not been updated for any of those main game updates. However, it still works as described on my home computer on the current version. My best advice is to follow the requirements and instructions as explicitly as possible. Good luck everyone! Happy gaming! - 8/2/2017

ULG (Ultra Low Graphics)

This 'mod' aims to improve performance on old/weak desktops and most laptops. You won't really a notice any significant changes visually, but shadows have been decreased a lot along with grass, fewer grids set to load, reduced draw distances, disabled AA and AO, multithreading...etc. I've been seeing an average 5FPS bump when going from Fallout 4's Low to ULG's Ultra Low.


Skyrim Version


Java - https://www.java.com/en/download/


Currently incompatible with;
- SOME texture-altering mods or mods that add new textures in general, primarily power-armor texture mods. I don't have time to continuously update a list of which specific mods are incompatible. But if you just installed a new mod with ULG installed and some of the textures turn purple or black or glitch in any way; then it is incompatible.
- Mods/Programs that edit the configs in any way (Fallout 4 Configuration Tool)

Will this mod help me?

Basically, if you can already run the game (albeit at a low fps), then this will almost certainly give you a good fps boost. If your game does not launch or doesn't run well (crashes, unplayable fps...etc.) then don't count on this mod fixing any of those problems.

Why isn't this as good as Skyrim ULG?

The majority of Fallout 4's graphics settings appear to be 'hardcoded', i.e. we can't change them. For example grass cannot be fully disabled, even if every reference that should disable them is set to disable. bAllowDrawGrass=0, bAllowCreateGrass=0...etc. None of it does anything. Textures also cannot be 'skipped' like they can in Skyrim. I'm not sure if that's because mipmaps that low were just never generated for Fallout 4, or because its hardcoded to not do that.
Either way, don't expect to start the game and feel like you are in Runescape like with the Skyrim ULG. This is just some minor optimizations that still give a pretty solid FPS bump.