Power Armor Helmet Style Visor 16 by 9 Aspect Ratio Only by KeithVSmith
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Added: 30/12/2015 - 05:11AM
Updated: 11/05/2016 - 10:20PM

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Last updated at 22:20, 11 May 2016 Uploaded at 5:11, 30 Dec 2015

***All development of these mods are done. I've passed the original files along to Hellstorm, creator of Power Armor Hud - No Transparency.*** 

This adds a Helmet Style Visor to the PA Hud, as well as Smoked Glass behind the PA Condition Indicator.

NOTE: This is based off of work between Hellstorm102 and myself. There are 4 version, with and without the animated up/down wobble and with and without the hud being visible in 3rd person. There's an optional file that makes the PA condition only show up when your armor is broken. I just edited the texture to make the yellow half fully transparent so it doesn't show. I made this mod based on the work I did Hellstorm102. I give full permission
to him to makes the other variants that he has released. I won't be making any other versions.

NOTE to Texture Modders: The dds is saved as DXT5 Interpolated Alpha. First save the file as DXT1. Than open the new DXT1 file in Photoshop and select the glass section. Do a layer via cut and set the transparency to 10-20% and save it again as a DXT5. You must do this for the Normal and Specular maps as well.

I am using my Dash Skin, Anodized Black Steel and HEX Carbon Fiber Power Armor Hud.

Hellstorm102's mod is Power Armor Hud - No Transparency.