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Jetpacks Unlimited is the first and only mod to include multiple standalone skins for the jetpack, all in-game, and all completely craftable! Now features 21 textures and 3 models to choose from, for a total of 63 different jetpacks total. Also puts jetpacks in their own category, making power armor crafting easier and more versatile!

Permissions and credits



Jetpacks Unlimited version 2.0 is now live! 2.0 creates a completely separate Torso - Jetpack category specifically for the jetpack, allowing you to use it along with any other Torso - Miscellaneous mod! It also adds 11 new standalone jetpack textures that match the "solid" Power Armor textures found in Worsin's Immersive Power Armor GarageThese, along with my original 10 jetpack textures and the addition of the new, more realistic and lore-friendly V-Wing model, gives us a total of 64 jetpacks to choose from! Jetpacks Unlimited will also be updated in the future to include various types of shine to the jetpacks (matte, polished, etc.), dozens of new textures, new models and much more! 

Need to Know Info:

-You MUST download the Jetpacks Unlimited Master file for any of the v2.0 files to work.

-Files are now broken in to sets based on textures. There are currently two sets per model: Original and Worsin Solid Color Set.

-Plugins for these files must be near the top of your load order, with Jetpacks Unlimited Master above any of the other files from this mod.

-Thanks to SomberX I was able to finally make it so jetpack models can be swapped out in game- along with their flame animations! This means that you can have ALL 64 jetpacks (including the vanilla jetpack) installed and switch between models without having to sacrifice immersion!

-And yes, that also means you can install whichever files you want - no need to download them all if you don't want the clutter! (Overwriting between these files makes no difference, so when prompted you can choose to either overwrite or not. Doesn't matter.)

I haven't yet had the time to create a patch to Zephyr's mod for this update, but will hopefully have one done soon. In the meantime, the original Jetpacks Unlimited main files along with the corresponding patch files will still work just fine and can be found in the "Old Version" section of the "Files" page.

Please track and endorse if you can, and as always: Enjoy!



ZephyrWarrior's F4 Power Armor Overhaul is a kickass mod that does a complete... well... overhaul of Power Armor in general. If you're lucky enough to have this mod in your arsenal, and you're interested in adding Jetpacks Unlimited as well, than now you're in luck! I've gone ahead and made a patch that will allow these two great mods to work together seamlessly! To use these patches, simply download the Optional file that matches your Main file choice from the two sets currently available (Compact or Vanilla).

When you install, make sure to do
Zephyr's files first, the Main file second, and the Optional file third

Alternatively you can just arrange the plugin load order in the same sequence.
Also, I would like to say thank you to SingABrightSong for their help in the creation of this patch.
Without their insight we would all be waiting quite a bit longer for this,
so thank you very much Sing!



Jetpacks Unlimited consists of two packs that include ten unique standalone texture sets:



  • This is of course the original model, for those of you who want to enhance the game while still maintaining that vanilla feel. 
  • This is the original model only. 

To access the new standalone Jet Packs simply use the Power Armor you'd like to modify at a Power Armor Station, and select your choice from the ones listed under the Torso -> Miscellaneous mods.

This demo features the excellent Iron Man X-01 design by Ice. Find it here.
The jetpack is also included in both Jetpacks Unlimited files, with the express permission of Ice!

If you have a texture set (that you created or have the expressed permission of the author to use) that you'd like to see featured in this mod, please feel free to shoot me a message and I will look in to implementing it.


-If you would like the vanilla Jet Pack to also be compact, simply download my other mod Compact Jetpack, and install it. I suggest only doing this with the Jetpacks Unlimited (Compact) pack, as it alters the flame animation when flying.

-All variants are standalone. They require the usual perks needed to craft the normal Jet Pack mod.

-Jetpacks Unlimited does not alter any other aspects of the Jet Pack including AP drain, height boundaries, acceleration etc. It is a set of unique standalone models and textures only.* 

-The Compact and Vanilla packs should not be used at the same time. They will not play nice.

Unfortunately it seems that without the GECK, swapping out the jetpack's vanilla 4-flame animation with my 2-flame animation (goes with Compact) is impossible to do in-game. Of course I say that now, but every time I have in my other mod forums I've been proven wrong within about 24 hours! Lmao. So here's hoping that one of you can prove me wrong once again ;)

*Also includes all the usual items that go along with craftable mods. Does not alter any vanilla files.

To install mods, please refer to:
Use NMM to download or download manually, then, extract the files and place them directly in the Fallout 4 steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data folder.