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Changes the perk requirements to craft workbenches at settlements.

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Better Crafting Station Perk Requirements
Version: 1.2a
Date: 12/31/2015
Category: Crafting - Home
Requirements: Legal copy of  Fallout 4
Author(s): rad666a
Source: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/?

EDIT: Because I am stupid, I accidentally uploaded the old, 1.1 version with the bug instead of the corrected version. Upload corrected as of 20-3-2016. Things should be working as intended now.

v1.1 - Weapon Workbenches can now be built if you have Gun Nut 2 OR Blacksmith 2. There is one small problem though, see "Issues" below.
v1.2 - A Keyword bug in Fallout 4 was corrected in the 1.3 patch. However, since my mod was made prior to that patch it had the old keyword issue. It is now fixed.

Made with FO4Edit.

NOW COMPATABLE WITH FO4 VERSION 1.3. You can now use this mod to build workbenches in Home Plate.

I have, from the first time I saw them, felt the requirements for the crafting workbenches made no sense. The Perk, "Local Leader 2", has nothing to do with making the items the benches make, so how are you suddenly able to build these things when you become a better leader, even if you don't know one end of a weapon mod from the other? Why do you need to be a good leader to put a pot over a fire? As far as I'm concerned this is just Bethesda being rushed, putting no thought into it, or just being plain lazy. This mod attempts to fix this this.

What I have tried to do is change the perk requirements in a way that makes sense, but doesn't (much) change the character level needed, or the number of perk levels required. In some cases, for cooking stations, I didn't think a perk was needed at all. Here are the changes:

Armor Bench - Armorer 2 (level 13)
Chemistry Station (all) - Science! 1 and Chemist 1
Cooking Station (all) - none
Power Armor Station - Science! 2 (level 17) and Armorer 2 (level 13)
Weapon Workbench (all) - Gun Nut 2 (level 13) or Blacksmith 2 (level 16)

Tested in game. Worked perfectly.

What this mod DOES do
Changes, or eliminates, the perk requirements for the crafting workbenches.

What this mod DOES NOT do
This mod does not add or change any existing models or allow you to craft things you normally wouldn't be able to.

When selecting one of the Weapon Workbenches, it shows both Perks (Gun Nut and Blacksmith), but has no indication that it's an "or", not an "and". I assume Bethesda never expected someone to "or" settlement construction requirements...silly goose.

Add the "BetterCraftingStationPerkRequirements.esp" to your Fallout 4 "Data" directory, usually found in "[Steam Install Directory]\SteamApps\common\Fallout 4\". Activate using the mod manager of your choice.

Deactivate the mod in the mod manager of your choice, then delete the "BetterCraftingStationPerkRequirements.esp" file in the Fallout 4 "Data" directory.

I can be found on the Nexus, as "rad666a"

Thanks zilav for showing me how to create an "or" statement with FO4Edit.
Thanks to the entire FO4Edit team for getting their tool working with FO4 so fast.
Thanks to Interplay for creating the Fallout universe
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 4
and last but not least, thanks to the entire Nexus site family for maintaining the best Mod site on the web.

Please DO NOT upload this mod to another site without my permission.
If you have any suggestions on how to improve this mod, please post.

Download, Endorse, and Enjoy!