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New LOD files for Nuka World - from performance friendly to HD+

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Finally some Lod's for Nuka World.
DoubleYouC's great Far Object LOD Improvement Project is already incorporated.
Nevertheless performance should be unaffected or even improved except for 4k choice.
You should have Vivid Fallout - All in One or at least Vivid Fallout - Landscapes installed 
to match the LOD's.
If you use my 'Puddle Remover' install 'Commonwealth LOD - Puddles Removed' in optional
section to match the brighter grounds.

Use it together with Complex Parallax enhancement and mainland LOD;)
Vivid Fallout - Landscapes - Complex Parallax Occlusion
Vivid Fallout - Rocks - Complex Parallax Occlusion
Vivid Fallout - LOD and Far Distant Detail - Far Harbor

Vivid Fallout - LOD and Far Distant Detail

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thanks a lot for your support, you are just great!


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