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A standalone redux of Lootable Vendors by R3V0LUTI0N4. Fixes bugs and adds DLC support.

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Wipe the vendor's inventory dry with this mod. This mod transfers the items that a vendor is selling to their body when they are killed by the player.
Ever wish you could just take all of the vendor's items instead of paying for them?  This mod is the answer to that.  With this mod, killing a vendor allows you to then loot their corpses for all of the items that they were selling, including caps.

This mod works for all base game vendors.  The DLC vendors and workshop vendors may be added in the future depending on demand.

The mod files also include formlists for all of the vendors in the game.  Feel free to use any of them for your own mods.

This mod is a standalone redux of Lootable Vendors by R3V0LUTI0N4.

You won't need their mod anymore.

Compared to the original version, it:

- Fixes bugs
(Wrong Container Refs assigned to certain Vendor refs)
- Adds missing vanilla Vendors
(Trashcan Carla, Connie Abernathy, Doc Anderson, and more)
- Adds all Caravan merchant items to their Brahmin's corpses, instead of their own
(IE: Cricket's items will be on her Brahmin's corpse, Lucas' items will be on his Brahmin's corpse, etc)
- Adds support to all DLC Vendors
(Even vanilla vendors located inside of the Commonwealth that have their inventories added through DLCs, like Brother Ogden)
- Removes Scarlett from being given the Dugout Inn's bar inventory on death, as she's just a server and likely doesn't have access to the whole stock
(Also did this to Debby at the Last Plank in Far Harbor, since she's also just a server)
- Removes Doc Crocker from being given the DC Mega Surgery Center's vendor inventory on death, since he doesn't normally sell anything because he's just a surgeon
(Only Dr. Sun has it now)
- Removes Percy from being given the DC Surplus' vendor inventory on death, since he's just a robot and it doesn't make much sense that you could kill both him and Myrna to get 2x the items.
(Now only Myrna has it)


R3V0LUTI0N4 for Lootable Vendors

         INSTRUCTIONS AND INSTALLATION                                                

Place in Fallout 4/Data

With Manager:
Download and Install normally

As always, criticism is always welcome, and even encouraged! I hope you enjoy! :)
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