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Adds 15 new craftable and upgradable outfits with a Long Coat on them. Both male and female.

Permissions and credits
The Bad-Ass Vault Dweller Long Coat by Eferas

Meshes and textures are standalone, so if any modders want to create a retext they are welcome to do it, it will not replace any vanilla outfits.

It will add 15 new craftable and upgradable outfits for both male and female characters. The first it's a Vault Suit with a brown leather Long Coat (with physics!!) on it. The second outfit is again a Vault Suit with a brown leather Long Coat and also a right sleeve (for both male and female now). The third outfit is a Road Leather outfit with the same Long Coat on it. The remaining 12 outfits are variants of the three above: clean and dirty versions of the Vault Suit, Brotherhood of Steel and Minutemen versions of the Long Coat.
All the outfits can be worn with armors. The Vault Suits can be upgrated as any Vault Suits in game (no ballistic weave) and the Road Leather can be upgrated with ballistic weave.

Version 1.3 uses a different method from the old versions to add the long coat to the oufits. The older versions used alpha to fix most of the clipping, while now all the clipping are fixed in the meshes itself thanks to the tool BodySlide and Outfit Studio by ousnius and Caliente. The advantages are: 99% of clipping fixed and no more need of stand-alone textures for the Vault Suit and the Road Leather. For this reason, this mod is now compatible with every Vault Suit and Road Leather re-textures mods on the nexus right now and in the future without any need for compatibility patches.

Any retex mod you use for the Vault Suit, will work on my Long Coat Vault Suit too.

Optional files:
- Almost vanilla Long Coat color (light brown) by cat_woman1989.
- Black Long Coat Color (black recolor) by cat_woman1989.
- Duster Long Coat Color (fabric retex) by Elianora.
- Black Carbon Fiber (black retex of the Long Coat) by cat_woman1989, gchildx13 and Tukuyur.
- Matching Leather Armor (retext of the Leather Armors to match the Long Coat) by Virake.
- Matching Leather Armor - Slightly LighterSlightly (lighter retex of the Leather Armors to match the Long Coat) by Virake.
- Patched Leather Long Coat (patched retex of the Long Coat) by jacknifelee.
- Courier Long Coat with Symbol by Dsoft2000.
- Courier Long Coat without Symbol by Dsoft2000.

You can craft the outfits at any chemistry station. Don't ask me to change station, I will not. I tried using the armor station and I failed, but I like how it is right now so I will not change it. If you want to create a compatibility patch for another mod, feel free to do it, then contact me and I will upload your patch as an optional file.


- STEP 1: Download and install.
Manual installation: extract the archive, copy/past everything in your data folder, then activate the esp in NMM or any other program you use to activate esp files.
NMM: just download and let NMM do its thing, then enable the esp in the plugins tab.

- STEP 2: how to enable modding.
You MUST manually edit the ini files in your Fallout4 folder (where your saves are) or the mod will not work, any mod will not work.

You will need to change the following line in Fallout4.ini:

You will need to add the following line to the Fallout4Prefs.ini file below the section marked [Launcher]:

Some users also had to edit the Fallout4.ini that is in your installation folder in order to make the mods work.

Or you may want to check this mod: ArchiveInvalidation by InsanePlumber, I didn't try it yet but it should work.

If you have any problem just check the description and the sticky posts.


Manual: delete all the files added by this mod.
NMM: let NMM do its thing.

- There is still a bit of clipping between the Coat and the Vault Suit, nothing I can do about, but it's barely visible with armors on it.

- nitronizer's Proto Vault Suit.

- cat_woman1989's Dark Drifter Outfit.
- brokefoot's Combat Leg Armor Variation.
- cat_woman1989's Convert Vault Suit Texture for Bad-Ass Vault Dweller Long Coat (Tutorial).
- Gambit77's Armorsmith Extended and his patch for my mods.

Thanks a lot to cat_woman1989 for helping me with the textures for the long coat, without her the upper and lower parts would be very different and ugly.
Thanks a lot to Elianora for the retextures of the long coat with the faction logos.
Thanks also to nitronizer for letting me use his retex of the vault suit in the older versions, otherwise we would be stuck with that ugly blue pajamas.
Thanks to Gambit77
for explaining me how to make outfits upgradable.
This mod was made with FO4EDITMaterial Editor, Nifskope and BodySlide and Outfit Studio. Thanks guys for creating this tools.

If you are downloading this mod from any site other than, then you are most likely downloading an old and
outdated version of the mod with malware and virus added to it.

Retex are allowed without asking permission, but if you send me a link in PM I would like it, I may also upload it in optional files if you want. If you want to create a compatibility patch for another mod you can do it, but send me a PM with a link so I can add it in the description or in optional files. You can't upload this mod anywhere and before using the assets in this mod you must ask for permission.