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Give a new look to your Fallout 4: Vintage/inspired by Scorsese movie.

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- This preset is intended to "mimic" the Cinematography in "The Aviator" where blue and reds are saturated and are the most important colors for half of the movie. nooow if you espect full realism probably will disappoint you, but really im in love with the moody colors of that movie and i think that the cinematography is amazing and since it has a vintage feel based on Howard Hughes ascent (this have a little bit of easter eggy sneak peak if you played FNV) i wanted to connect that atmosphere to the distopic atompunk of Fallout.

- This preset was originally maded with two version of it one standard and one really heavily modified, buuut i decided to give only the standard one because the other was a huge hit on fps and it kinda loses the look that i wanted for this work, if you want, i will upload it.

- im using this reshade with ultra settings (Godrays and Shadows Included) This Reshade shouldn't have more than 1-2 frame hit in performance, anywhay it depends on your settings and your hardware, Obviously you can use this mod eeven with Low Settings.

- Sorry if my English is bad.

Try this with hbao+ it's amazing.


- Enhanched and atmospheric Colors based on "The Aviator" or the Two Strip color process.

- Exposure and contrast adjustments and "cinestyle" contrast.

- Depth of Field.

- Vignetting.


- Download the file.

- Read the EULA.

- Extract the files in the Fallout 4 folder THE EXE ONE.

- If you want... only... and i said only... if you want... you can play the game.

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Hope you'll enjoy my Reshade,
See you next time, Prepare for the future!
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Versions and updates:

- 1.0 First relase

- 1.0 Relase with No Dof

- 1.5 Update: Fixed Dof.
added more chromatic aberration.

- 2.0 Update: New Dof
new mood
same colors 
no sharpening
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