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Replaces all the shack textures with non-blurry ones while trying to maintain the same look and feel of Fallout 4.

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Sharp Shacks

This is a texture pack that replaces almost all of the shack texture assets.
All textures are 2k in size and were made from scratch while trying to respect the colour palette
that Bethesda used on their original Fallout 4 textures.


I made this texture pack because the Shacks vanilla textures had two problems (for me at least): they are low res, and the wood grain pattern in almost all of them just seems out of place (it's too damn big). So, basically this is a texture pack that tries to respect the bleak colours used by Bethesda so it stays true to the Fallout 4 look and feel while improving them (to my liking at least).


There are still some assets from Diamond City that I want to add to this pack, and I also intend to release a 4K version when I have the time. But I also want to improve most of the door textures as well so... we'll see what comes first :- )

Oh and yea this is my first public mod ever, hope you guys like it.