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Clothing and armor that is 'wasteland chic.' Includes unique meshes.

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This mod requires the latest version of community resource: AWKCR


Huge thanks to all the good folks who have gone above and beyond and donated to me. Your support is incredibly encouraging to me. If you'd like your Nexus ID here instead of a city just send me a message with the email you donated with and I'll happily add it.

Bangkok, Thailand 30 USD
Oberhembach, Germany 25 USD
Toronto, Ontario 10 USD
Mount Airy, NC 6 USD
StormTrooper626, 5 USD
Murray, UT 5 USD
Austin, TX 5 USD
Elkhorn, WI 5 USD
Eugene, OR 2 USD
Cornerbrook, Newfoundland 1 USD


Install note: This mod uses a ESM file to help consolidate keyword usage across several of my projects, this ESM is provided in all mods that require it, so don't worry about overwriting it when installing.

A collection of Outfits and items mashed together from vanilla assets, or built with my (rusty) 3dsmax skills. Not all of the items in this mod require CBBE, most of the accessories can be worn on the vanilla female body without issue.

bodyslide/outfit studio files are included.

The latest verion (108) removes many outfits and replaces them with 'moddable' versions of basic outfits (no outfits were actually lost, they are just moved), you will probably have to remake the outfits at the AWKCR bench. The upside to this is you can carry around a single outfit and easily swap to new variations at any standard armorbench found in the world.

When modding an outfit make sure to watch the Dynamic naming header at the top of the screen to see what each style does!


All items can in this mod can be made with the AWKCR Armorsmith bench.

List of items added by this mod, by their AWKCR category:

Road Goggles
Heavy Welding Goggles
Field Scribe's Cap
Field Scribe's Cap (no Goggles)
Grey Knit Cap (Long hair)
Worn Aviator Cap

Fingerless Handwraps

Tops: (these are meant to be worn over other outfits with thin shirts, they use slot 37)
Bomber Vest
Bomber Vest and Corset

Fieldscribe's Pack

Rugged Outfits:


Update for general keyword usage. If you use multiple of my mods this update may help with keyword cap related issues
-Make sure to activate the new ESM file included with this version

Added a few new versions of the Roadgoggles
Roadgoggles are now a single item with mods that can switch out to other variations with just an armorbench
-Watch the Dynamic naming when modding to see what styles do!
-On face (normal)
-On forehead
-On neck
-On scarf (raised above neck to rest on a scarf from (

Added new versions of the Fieldscribe Pack
Pack is now a single item with mods that can switch out to other variations with just an armorbench
-Watch the Dynamic naming when modding to see what styles do!
-Full (chestrig/belt/backpack)
-No Chestrig
-Back only (No belt or chestrig, closest to previous version)
-Lower Pack only

Added male versions of most outfits (finally got around to it)
-'pantsless' versions were mostly skipped because the vanilla male underwear looks so terrible
All outfits are condensed into 'moddable' outfits that can be modded to switch out to other similar variations with just an armorbench
-Watch the Dynamic naming when modding to see what styles do!
-Watch the Dynamic naming when modding to see what styles do!
-Watch the Dynamic naming when modding to see what styles do!
---03Jacket/NoPants (female only)
---04Vest/NoPants (female only)
---03NoPants (female only)
---01Both arms
---02No Top (this is the kelogg pants/kelogg boots from previous versions)
---04Boots only
Removed the combat armor belt, this is now part of another mod (
Cleaned up most records to play nicer with AWKCR


Video feature by Tyrannicon:


Old Version Notes:

Added a pants version of the Bomber Vest
Added two variations of the Greaser outfit, Jacket with a harness and bigger boots, and a Vest variation.
Added Raider Rags Scarf outfit
Fixed some first person issues with some outfits.
Added keywords for Armor Keywords Community Resource (AKCR)
Renamed most outfits to sort better based on their components. (everything has a harness at this point, so why keep saying it)
Removed variations of a few items, kept the versions that line up with the
standards set by Armor Keywords Community Resource (AKCR)

REMOVED ROBO ARMS and ROBO ARMS OUTFITS. These have moved to CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics, with significantly more features and better male/female compatibility.
REMOVED SCARFS. The scarfs have moved to CROSS Uni Scarf, which expands on scarf customization exponentially.
Added (Arm Only) versions of the Robo Arm. They take up the Gloves slot, and can be worn with any outfit that doesn't have
built-in gloves.
---These will likely cause clipping issues on many outfits, it's a very brute-force approach.
---Some vanilla outfits will mess with the scaling, and thus obscure the pip-boy menu. The only solution to this was removing the 1st person model, but fuck that because I wanna see my robot hand holding guns.
---A tempoary suggestion for this: keep a properly scaled outfit hotkeyed, and equip it before opening the menu, this will scale the arm to not obscure the pip-boy.
---The Arm Only version has outfit studio files, which may help with clipping.
Moved the standard Robo Arm (Hand) to the accessories of the crafting menu.
Added Open versions of the Bomber jacket/vests (added in 106, forgot to document)
---these should look similar to the jacket/vest before the Harness remesh upgrade

Fixed clipping even more on the thin road goggles and full/face scarfs.
Rebuilt the thin road goggles to hopefully fix crashes people were getting with them.
Rebuilt the standard harness mesh to fit with the CBBE body better and rely the alpha channel less.
---Updated all outfits to use the new harness mesh.
Built a set of underwear to replace the 'built-in' one from the old harness mesh
---most outfits use a texture similar to the old harness, while the flannel/harness combo uses a vault-tec themed one.
Added the ROBO ARM outfit. This outfit does NOT hide your pip-boy, and will clip with the pip-boy unless you use another mod to remove/hide your third-person pipboy.
Robo Arm Comes in a few  variations, with slightly different stats:
---(covered), which has a BoS uniform sleeve covering skin on the inner arm. Robo Hand must be made and eqiuipped seperately.
---(Flannel), Kelogg's pants with a flannel shirt top, inner arm is covered with BoS sleeve. Hand not included.
---(Hollow), which removes your arm completely and gives you the full cyborg look, includes the Robo Hand in the outfit.
---(Red), which is a reskin of the hollow variation, includes the Robo Hand in the outfit. Specialized servos also help to prevent seasickness.
---If you use another mod to remove the pipboy, and your pip-boy no longer shows up when going into menus try the console command
"PLAYER.EQUIPITEM 21B3B" which should force equip your pipboy incase another item took it off.
Added an edit of the Kelogg outfit, with both arms covered in metal.
Altered scarf names to remove the pointless [slot] numbers.
Renamed the generic scarfs to "Scarf, Desdemona" to better describe where its textures come from.
Added usable stats to a few items, like damage resistance on the Aviator Cap, and +stats on the Robo arm outfits.
Cleaned up more nomenclature on old items in the file structure.

Added an adjusted knit cap that fits long hair styles. Not all of them, but most of them.
Added a 'Goggle-less' version of the hoodless Scribe cap. Complete with a dusty imprint of those goggles that have been sitting up there so long.
Added the Super mutant aviator cap as the 'worn aviator cap'.

fixed file path error for the three goggle types (only male characters had the error)

v1.04 changes
Added two remeshes of the road goggles that aren't 100% opaque, wow technology!
---Road Goggles, square
---Road Goggles, square, thin
Added two reskins of the scarf. Black/white, and a sandy canvas, both come in full/half versions.
---Scarf, Sand, half
---Scarf, Sand, full (You're pretty good)
---Scarf, bw, half
---Scarf, bw, full
Included PSD file for the scarfs, which makes reskinning it more straight-forward, no normal or spec map required.
Enabled the Flannel/harness combo to be built at the crafting station.
Renamed 'Cait pants' to 'Cait Harness'
Enabled Cait Corset to be crafted, it fits under the Cait Harness, and uses slot [54] which I think is safe.

v1.03 changes:
Added the mask-style scarf
---Scarf Wastelander
---Scarf Wastelander (raised)
Added 2 untested outfits, dismemberment on them might cause crashes, unconfirmed yet (console to get them)
---Harness Flannel (WIP)
---Harness Flannel shirt-only (WIP)
fixed scarf meshes pointing to vanilla materials (they all use one material/texture-set now)
cleaned up more EIDs
cleaned up a few references to vanilla textures.

v1.02 changes:
Fixed clipping issues with bomber jackets.
Adjusted field scribe's cap to fit around hair edges.
Adjusted the barefoot harness to look a little cleaner with blood decals, might do this with all harness', but probably not noticeable.
Added a mashup of Cait's pants, Desdemona's Boots and the cut up harness.
Added "heavy" welding goggles, taken from Sturges outfit.
Added WIP items that need to be consoled in:
---Boots Desdemona[various slots]
---Cait Corset[54] (fits on the new cait/harness mashup, with clipping issues).
Added scribe's backpack[51] (ring slot variation).
Cleaned up crafting bench menu. Still a WIP.
Cleaned up various EID mismatches.


This mod was made with:
NifSkope, assigning materials/textures.
xEdit, making the plugin.
Material Editor, assigning textures via materials.
Outfit studio, by Ousnius, Bodyslide files.



Links to other CROSS projects: