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BodySlide preset and mesh file for female version of the hazmat suit.

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Skin tight Hazmat Suit for CBBE BodySlide


This mod tightens the baggy vanilla Hazmat Suit to better fit the female body. In the download there are project files for BodySlide and Outfit Studio, so you can adjust the shape to your liking. CBBE required obviously.

This is compatible with all retexture mods for the vanilla suit.

Also available optional patch for compatibility with Helmetless Hazmat Suit by cat_woman1989. This allows to keep the CBBE outfit shape with all the features of the Helmetless version. You still need to install their mod first since I don't use any of their assets. FYI: only retextures provided by HHS author will work with that mod.

There's a cool mod by clory that can turn your helmet visor transparent, if that's what you like. Here: Clear Hazmat Helmet.


Just use NMM or extract to Data directory.
You can generate your own mesh in BodySlide, the presets are named 'vrx_Hazmat_f', 'vrx_HazmatDamaged_f' and 'vrx_HazmatDamagedHelmetless_f' (optional).


  • Game ready mesh files for the Hazmat Suit
  • BodySlide files
  • Optional compatibility patch for Helmetless Hazmat Suit
  • (No plugins)

Credits to Caliente and her friends for making CBBE!