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Adds 'BOS Hood ' to the game as a standalone, craftable hood that uses slot 61 (the slot used to hold the baby during the intro) so it stacks with most gear.

Permissions and credits
This is a simple extraction of the Armorsmith Extended tweaks to the Brotherhood of Steel hood, modified to sit in slot 61. This addon also depends on Crafting Workbenches addon to work properly. The hood displays just like the pre-existing BOS Hood does. However, since it uses slot 61 you can wear almost every helmet, hat, mask, hood, eyewear or really almost anything else with it. The only items this will NOT be equippable with are others which use slot 61. These include, but are not limited to, many of the bag addons. This does not CONFLICT with those addons (to my knowledge), you just can't use slot 61 bags at the same time as a slot 61 piece of gear (duh).

BOS Hood [61]
  • Craftable via Crafting Workbenches
  • Uses slot 61 to equip
  • Displays beneath helmets, masks, eyewear, etc
  • Works with Ballistic Weave & more via Armorsmith Extended
  • Compatible & functional with Legendary Modification
  • Will clip through things it was never intended to display under (sack hoods, dark green hood, etc)

BOS Cowl [61]
  • Completely statless and non-modifiable
  • Craftable via Crafting Workbenches
  • Uses slot 61 to equip
  • This is a display-only piece of gear, simply for the graphic

I run with 40 other mods and have had no issues with this. This mod does not change any vanilla components, so should be compatible with basically everything.

Armor displayed in the screenshot is from ACF-N7 Combat Armour Craftable by Reponic