Museum Paintings by Moraelin
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Added: 26/12/2015 - 10:16PM
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It adds 8 portraits, including at least one seen in the Concord museum, to the list of wall decor you can build in your settlements. I mean, pictures of kittens and puppies are great, but sometimes you just want to display your looted fine art collection in your Alternate Settlements manor, amirite?

This does NOT include the Cabot paintings, which are already unlocked by that quest arc.

I've also added 8 NEW paintings, basically 2048x2048 HD reproduction of some famous paintings. Now you too can own a Da Vinci or a Raphael. They have been cropped to fit the Bethesda frames without distorting the picture. I did not fade them to look post-apocalyptic, so they might "only" look 600 years old. For that reason (as well as the texture size) If you think that that doesn't fit the theme, well, then don't download the big file.

I'll probably add more prewar paintings these days, so stay stoned... err... tuned.

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Go into build mode in your settlements, look for them under decorations, wall decor, paintings. Find a wall with enough space, because they're fairly large.


None. It adds a new list of paintings, not change any existing lists. It also adds them to the same existing category, so it shouldn't cause the dreaded too-many-categories problem.

The only possible problem is that if you also have another mod that adds them, you might have duplicates.