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Adds the ability to install a second Misc mod on power armour (armor) components using the Nuclear Physicist perk.

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Thanks to FO4Edit!

Like the idea of specialising in power armour but thought Nuclear Physicist was a bit pointless, given fusion cores are plentiful?

Like the range of interesting power armour mods but end up stuck using one or two must-haves (e.g. Jetpack) or dull-but-optimal ones (e.g. Calibrated Shocks) all the time?

More Power Armour Mods adds the ability to install a second Misc mod on power armour components if you have the Nuclear Physicist perk:
  • Nuclear Physicist 1 lets you upgrade Torso pieces twice (e.g. Jetpack and Tesla Coils)
  • Nuclear Physicist 2 lets you upgrade Arm and Leg pieces twice (e.g. Calibrated Shocks and Explosive Vents)
  • Nuclear Physicist 3 lets you upgrade Head pieces twice (e.g. Database and Recon Sensors)

This should make taking a rank of Nuclear Physicist interesting, and let you experiment with weird and wonderful power armour combinations.

This mod is compatible with mods that retexture or add new paint styles to power armour. It is compatible with mods that change power armour stats (e.g. Power Armor Rebalance). It is compatible with Armorsmith Extended.
It is mostly compatible with mods that change power armour naming rules or alter perks (e.g. Item Sorting). Load this mod before them. You won't see the second upgrade appear in the description, or the alterations to Nuclear Physicist's description.
It is
not compatible with mods that alter the number and type of power armour upgrade slots (e.g. Power Armor Overhaul).

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