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micalov and Ophelia for the Idea

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Adds a HEAVY plasma flamer and LMG combo weapon to the game REQUIRES MUNITIONS 1.1 as uses plasma cores.

Permissions and credits

by Micalov, idea by Ophelia

Version :1.0
Date :16/03/2023
Mod's Website :https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/69737


Adds a new heavy weapon for the Institute, the Plasma Incinerator which also can switch to a heavy wide spread plasma LMG that fires 3 projectiles per shot in automatic mode using plasma cores for ammo.

The weapon will spawn on synths after level 30 injected with scripts and the weapon uses the HEAVY gunner perk.

Munitions is required as it uses the plasma core ammo from that mod.

Legal and Licensing
The assets in the mod are free to use with credit given with a few exceptions.

*Not to be used in weapon packs.
*Not to be used in mods that are sold or behind a paywall like patreon.
*Only used in Fallout 4.

DP earning is fine however.

Tools Used
BSA Arch Pro

Munitions 1.1, this is a hard requirement as it uses the plasma core from that mod for ammo.

Ophelia for the base idea.
Crash/Codeblack for Munitions
Bethesda for Fallout 4.
Nexus for hosting.
Daks Discord for feedback and help.
Lord Chuthulu our lord and Saviour

Frequently Asked Question
-What Animations does it use?

Uses the cryolator animations.

-Where to find?

Should spawn on Synths after level 30.

-Why does it require XYZ mod?

..because it uses the plasma core ammo from it and Munitions is a light weight and cool mod.

-Will you do a standalone version?

Maybe, would need to do the loading mesh for fusion cores.

-When is the merged Pack coming out?

I have been having issues with levelled lists and the way they are done with Synths but might try a more simple way, so hopping soon if I can get it to work

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