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Have you ever been annoyed that the T-51 armour you found became obsolete not long after you found a set of X-01? Did you get excited when you heard you could mix and match power armour only to find the stat progression severely penalized you for doing so? Well with this mod all armours share the same scale of progression.

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All Armours Equal - A power armour stat rebalance

The aim of this mod is to rebalance the stats of all the power armours simply so the player can mix and match pieces how they like without sacrificing their defense in doing so.

I had upgraded my first set of T-45 quite heavily by the time I got my next set of power armour, a set of T-60. Already the T-60 armour I got was objectively better than my T-45 could ever be. I had also gotten and upgraded a suit of X-01 armour long before I finally came across a set of T-51 which I loved the look of but was quite a bit weaker.

Personally I believe the model upgrading should cover getting better armour as you level up, allowing you to play around with different armour looks. It may not exactly be lore friendly but it's what I wanted.


This mod is not yet complete and there are a few things that still need to be done.

  • Find the HP value for Model A so that all increase equally (Right now you will find T-51, T-60 and X-01 sets have more durability for the first few model upgrades than earlier armour sets. This is because I have yet to find where the value for base health is stored and armour upgrades add on top of this)
  • Find out how to change upgrade and repair costs then apply a new scale of progression for it (Until then the costs will remain as they are like in vanilla)
  • Find out how to add more model upgrades then apply it to the Raider armour (Until I do this, Raider Armour won't be included with the rest of the armours in rebalancing


What does this mod do exactly?
It changes the Physical, Energy and Health stats of all power armour to follow a new scale of progression that starts at the stats of Model-A T-45 up to the stats of Mark-VI X-01. This scale of progression is much steeper than the vanilla scales so each time you upgrade you should notice the improvements far easier.

Won't this make my X-01 armour weaker?
At first it will, the Mark-I stats will drop considerably down so it matches the T-45. However if you are a high level character with X-01 you will likely have access to the perks to upgrade it to Mark-VI which is the same as vanilla. It also means that your T-45 will get a big increase in defense too, though at this point you would likely have access to the kind of armour that can match these stats anyway.

What's the point of changing these stats if I don't get X-01 armour until late in the game?
This mod is intended to be paired with a mod that takes power armour out of the level lists and allows you to find any set regardless of your level in the locations you would usually find it. Until then there are locations that have fixed armour sets regardless of level.

This isn't lore friendly! The point of finding new armours is to find better ones!
The beauty of mods is you can make something that doesn't follow the lore and as a user, you don't have to use it if you don't want to. I'm fully aware that the lore has the T-51 be an improvement over the T-45 and that the X-01 is supposed to be Advanced Power Armour. I made my mod anyway. I feel that if you can upgrade the armours through better models then why not balance the sets and make model progression the standard for better armour? That way you can mix and match pieces freely.

If you are making this mod then why not make a mod that does the same for leather and combat armour?
Because the jump in stats between those is far less significant. compared to power armour. If you want that mod then it isn't hard to make it.

I wanted a power armour rescaling mod but this doesn't do what I was looking for.
There are other power armour rescaling mods out there that go after different goals, my one is to make all armours equal in stats (outside of model upgrades) for the purpose of mixing pieces for the look you want.
If you wanted power armour to be more like it's classic versions and not so powerful you can check out Classic Power Armour Rebalance where defense stats are decreased heavily and durability is fixed to match vanilla X-01.
If you would like for early game power armour to still be as viable in the late game while still being a bit weaker than the next set in line then try out Late-Game Useful Power Armour where the differences between one set and another of the same model aren't as drastic.