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So, have you played with the Pipe-Pistol/Rifle, Revolver, Bolt-Action, and Syringer, and had used the Reflex Sights? It's obstructive isn't it? Dafuq Bethesda yeah?

This mod replaces the obstructive model of the Pipe-weapons and Syringers' reflex sight from this trying hard two-screws-on-the-side-that-don't-even-touch-and-point-at-the-center, into a much more simplified obelisk reticle, like that of the SUSAT sight if you have not seen one, simply by a screw on the bottom.

It works with the Pipe-Revolver, Pipe Gun, Pipe Bolt-Action and Syringer.

Now you're wondering, without a front-sight and rear-sight (secondary point of reference), or holographic-reticle to straighten the axis of the barrel, how on earth anyone could properly aim? Good-question!

You might criticize it for not being a true reflex sight, after all reflex or reflector sights superimposes a reticule to infinity. Well, you're right. But Bethesda named it such, and its not our fault.

There are two versions; the one with two smaller screws, or just one big screw. These are loose files and must be dropped manually in the data folder.

Very big big big thanks to opengts! He put up with my stupid request once more. I you liked this mod, please endorse it. ^_^

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