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BOTLANNER and DamienTibbert - Credit to DumdogsWorld for Original Mod

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Uses esp(with single bat command to choose creature type)
Allows you to have one of many choices of creatures with full follower capabilities and you can have two followers like this. Creatures are: deathclaw, yao guai, gen1synth, gen2synth, cat, Mutant Hound, Super Mutant Behemoth, raider dog, gorilla, radscorpion, vicious dog

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Creature Follower Esp 

Welcome to the Creature Follower Esp. (Pre-CK) 

The mod that allows you to head out into the wasteland with your favourite creatures from the Fallout universe.
Want to run around with a Feral Hound, Gorilla, Radscorpion, Molerat, Bloodbug or Mirelurk Queen?
Or rather a radroach or Stingwing,.... For v3 Damien offered to add more so we more then doubled the follower options. 
This means you can now choose between 25 potential followers and number 26 is in the optional files to avoid spoilers.

So plenty of choice.

They can equip and use items*.
Summoned companions have full follower interaction** like wait, go to etc. 
But best of all they do not take up a follower slot so you can bring your vanilla follower along too.

Wether you like to hit the streets with Danse and a Synth or hunt for Raiders with a pack of build geared dogs, you can!
(beside mutant and vicious dogs we included dogmeat)

Use the instal/summon vid or instructions down below 


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S.P.E.C.I.A.L. by Coffee Cats.
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*Applies to followers who's race also has gear functionality as non follower npc
** Followers do not have a relationship functionality, this options will show up but is disabled

How to: install / summon instruction video.

Written instal instructions:

Download the mod manually. Unpack the content of the .rar file into your Fallout 4 folder.
Make sure the shaun.esp is located in Fallout4/Data and the shaun named text files are in the main Fallout folder

Open up NMM and check if the shaun.esp file is active, if not check the box.

Cant find it in NMM or dont have NMM? Enable view hidden files and Go to C:\Users\(computer name)\AppData\Local\Fallout4
Open the Plugins.txt and add the following line to it "shaun.esp" without the " and make the file read only.

Summon instructions: 

The Creature list with all summons options and their bat command is included in the .rar Look-up the bat command you want.
If you extracted the content of the rar you can find it back in the MAIN Fallout folder with all the shauntext files.

Open the game.

Ingame, open the console. Click a static, non interactable object. A Coffeecup, a traffic cone, a burned news paper anything.
In the console a RefID will show. This is an 8 digit code and looks like (0085F2CE).
When you see a RefID use the bat shaun(name) command for the creature you want to summon.

Close your console, Fast travel to any location and look around. A Stagg should be summoned close to you.
(If nothing spawned near: check the FAQ below and follow the listed instructions or watch the install and summon video for a step by step How to)

Click the stagg and it will give you a RefID that ends with [EP] like (xx77777) [EP] Use the bat command again and
:nuke: POEF the stag changes into the creature you wanted to summon :nuke

I hope you enjoy this mod and feel free to check out our others. 

Have fun roaming the wasteland

BOTLANNER and DamienTibbert



-Can I rename my Follower?
Yes you can, We made a video on how to change it. It is a more advanced step which requires you to FO4edit the mod.  
How To: Customise your Creature Follower

-It is not working for me what am I doing wrong?
I dont know from here but check out the instruction video. It shows step by step how to do it with 99.9% success.

-The game crashes when I use "bat shaun....." 
Make sure to select a static, non animated, item / object to get a refid. This can not be an npc or your character.

-Console responds with "bat file can not be found"
Make sure the shaun named .txt files are in the main folder of Fallout 4 and the esp is in the Data folder. Open NMM or the plugins.txt located in C:\Users\(your pc name)\AppData\Local\Fallout4 and check if the esp is enabled.

-The stagg doesnt appear, no error response in the console
Check NMM and your loadorder.txt located in C:\Users\(your pc name)\AppData\Local\Fallout4 to make sure Shaun.esp is active. Ingame, open console use "help venison 4" there should be a NPC_: in the list with a PRID number that ends with 777777 and the name 'Venison'. Use "Player.placeatme (xx)777777" with your Venison's PRID. This will summon that Venison right next to you. Click the Venison, use the "bat shaun....." command you want and you should now have a follower.

-The creature doesnt follow me and the bat / command only works on npc's 
The creature you summon with this mod should follow you at all times. Teleporting to another cell teleports the follower too. If you can only summon by clicking a world npc creature their might be something wrong in how the mod was installed or activated. This can cause errors like the follower not following the player. You can only use the REFID of a non animanted object / item, using a world npc REFID can result in this error. Follow the "How to; install" video on the main page and see if this issue still occurs with the summoned cat.

-I turned into a creature / I can no longer exit my powersuit / I can not move / my character has no animations.
These errors happen when the player's REFID was selected before using "bat shaun...." instead of an item / object to get the REFID. Load your previous save or open console and use "player.setrace HumanRace". This turns you back to human.

How do I make the Creature stop following me?
1.) You can command the follower to stay using the speech interface and it wil stay at that location untill you load in a new area.

2.) You can click the follower in console, write down his PRID if you want to enable lateron, and use "Disable". If you want to summon him again use"prid (xx)777778" (where (xx) is the loadorder number) to select him eventhough he isnt there and then use "enable". You can use the regular activation steps to summon a completely new one but there is a slight chance to create savegame bloating. So disable - enable is the best option imo.

3.) Deactivate the Shaun.Esp in NMM or your loadorder.txt. Load the game, save and re-activate the esp when you want one again.

-The instructions where too much text got anything short?


For yao guai: Creature esp list: bat shaunbear

- Open console
- Click a static object to get the RefID
- "bat shaunbear" 
- Close console, fasttravel, click the Stagg
- and use the bat command again


Compatible / recommended  Mods:

Diane Female Follower ESP use that mod together with Creature Follower Esp and have 3 followers total.



Radstag Follower mod by DogDumsWorld at: Pre-CK Venison http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/409/? 


If any info on this frontpage is incorrect please let DamienTibbert know through a PM.