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invalidfate the porting - Petrovich the skyrim originate - Undeadgoblin the texture variant

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Ported from skyrim. making it fit the CBBE default curved shape

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[Mods In This Screenshot]
1) Initial CBBE-Curved Simply Clothes for Female (the initial NIF, optimized for the curved shape)
2) ENB "Clean Light Preset"
3) The pose is from the "pose anyway" pose sit01 (actually, it could be a sit animation replacement)

PS: This mod MUST have CBBE installed for not to corrupt your skin texture, if you are not using CBBE, checking the Simply Clothes for the vanilla female body.

    This mod includes 1 CBBE female outfit ported from a Skyrim mod. In addition, there are various texture variant available here to make you choose the colors you like. In addition, I also packed the necessary files for the bodyslide (project name as "SimplyClothesCBBE"), and you can apply it to fit your customized CBBE body.

PS: The initial NIF is a hand-made one for CBBE curved body, not the same as one in the bodyslide, that one is just directly morphed from my previous work Simply Clothes for the vanilla female body, so they may look a bit different.

1) use the latest-version NMM , or download manually (remember you must have CBBE installed)
2) activating the mod in NMM or extracting the archive to the FO4 data folder if manually.
3) remember to update your fallout.ini and Fallout4Custom.ini for loading customized content

PS1: there is a good tutorial about FO4 mod installation, checking it if you don't know how.

1) in console, type "help simply 4", and you will get the item codes.
2) in console, type "player.additem [item code in (1), do not include brackets]"
x) or try & error on "player.additem xx00080A"     to get the outfit
   (xx start from 01 in hex character, depending on mod loading sequence)

1) Petrovich for Skyrim original mod (mesh, texture) (original mod link)
2) Caliente and Ousnius for the beautiful CBBE body link
3) Ousnius for the outfit studio.  link
4) Undeadgoblin for variant textures (original mod link) 
5) Nifskope team for grate tools to let me edit the NIF.
6) FO4Edit for building the esp

[Change Log]
== V0.9.0 @ 2015/12/26
Initial version