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Replaces standard Rifleman perk .swf file with a colored Vault Girl version

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The art is based off of Ruthless Peasant's Vault Girl that I edited, colored, and animated to fit into Fallout 4 .swf files. I take NO credit in the base art.

This is just a standard interface replacer of PerkClip_4a0b6.swf and will only show upon the pipboy, I have not edited the Perk Tree version of Rifleman. I plan on doing all the pipboy replacers first before I tackle the Perk Tree.

For best quality I recommend something along the lines of NISTRON HD Color System for Pip-Boy Power Armor and Terminals, setting the pipboy HUD on white HD and making sure your HUD settings color is turning to white in the FO4 settings tab.

I have been in touch with Forno. The artist for the FO NV perks and I will be helping them with their very own Vault Girl in the future for FO4. I will be working on these until they are ready to do theirs then all my attention will be focused on that Vault Girl specifically. Until then I will be releasing The ones I have done myself!