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Increases combat shotgun range and narrows spread, a lot. (energy shotguns/slug ammo/shotgun fire rate optional)

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Shotgun - better range and spread

(*this mod is dead. I haven't played Fallout 4 since 2016. I won't be answering any questions :(
If you have problems or suggestions - I suggest you learn how to make your own mods as it took me less than a day to learn and do this.
No coding skills required. Plenty of tools available and that was already in 2015.
Thanks for the kind words I've received over the years. It's good to see other people found this mod useful.
See you all in Fallout 5, maybe.)

Shotguns felt useless for me with their weak range and ludicrous spread. After searching and waiting for a mod to fix it I did it myself. There are weapon overhaul mods out there, but all I wanted was just to change the shotgun and nothing else. So here it is.

*Feel free to request any changes or etc. (...not anymore)


Optional: Energy Shotguns (splitter muzzle). Changes LaserMusket, LaserGun, InstituteRifle and PlasmaRifle spread and recoil with splitter muzzles.
It also features a 2X beam variant.
Instead of shooting 4 beams, it's now 8 for mayhem :D
(5/10 for plasma rifle)

Version 2: (Combat shotgun and double barreled shotgun)

Combat shotgun:  (short/long)

        range:  (125/197)
(very narrow - 0.85/0.96)
(narrow        - 0.81/0.90)
(ok spread    - 0.73/0.85)

Double barreled shotgun:  (sawed-off/short/long)

        range:  (151/179/251)
(very narrow - 0.60/0.85/0.96)
(narrow        - 0.60/0.81/0.90)
(ok spread    - 0.55/0.73/0.85)

Optional: (Slug ammo)
        Same as version 2, but spread is 1.0... so there's no spread at all.

Version 1: ( Combat shotgun)

Increases combat shotgun range to 125/173 (short/long).

Long original spread   -0.6  /  -0.95  new  (Feels like a rifle at close/medium distance)
Short original spread -0.25  /  -0.75 new