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As several people have requested that I upload a save of my character, here she is.

Includes two saves, three plugins to change the appearance of Cait, Piper, and Curie and the Images of my character.
The 1st save was saved directly at the beginning in pre-war Sanctuary and the 2nd save was saved before leaving Vault 111.

My Character doesn't have scars and face paint in those savefiles like in the screenshots.
If you want your character to have scars and the face paint you can simply add them with the
Looks Menu or by vising the Facial Reconstruction Surgeon.
The facepaint I used is called Gridiron and the scars are called Lip Gouges and Right Brow Deep.

REQUIRED: Valkyr Female Face and Body Textures, Eye Normal Map Fix and The Eyes Of Beauty.

Save and Plugin Installation:

To use my saves you just have to simply extract and drag them into your Fo4 savegame directory.
Which is normally "C:\Users\User Name\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Saves ".

To use the plugins drag them to your Fo4 game directory
Which is normally "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data"
Don't forget to activate the esps.

Face Transfer

Copy my character's face data to a savefile of your choice with Face Ripper.
Before doing this I recommend moving all your other saves to another folder, because the newly generated save may somtimes be hard to find.

Download, extract and open Face Ripper.

The "Source Save or Plugin" is the save where you copy the face data from. (You can use the Sactuary or the Vault 111 file, it doesn't matter.)

The "Target Save or Plugin" is the save where you copy the face data to.

Then click on Transfer Face, the program should say "Successfully loaded save data" and "Done". A new save with the transferred face will be created.

The makeup may not appear correctly in some cases. You can fix this by opening your console and tpying "slm player" or "slm 14".
Then fix the camera perspective by going into the Body Options Menu first and then enter the skin color menu and hover over another skin color.
The makeup should appear correctly now. Exit the Looks Menu.
If you are stuck with the camera perspective  press "R, or whatever key you have bound as Reloading/Ready" to reset the camera.

Editing the appearance of Cait, Piper, and Curie

You can change the appearance of Cait, Curie and Piper by writing player.placeatme >insert ID here<

001647C6 - Curie's Base ID
00002f1e - Piper's Base ID
00079249 - Cait's Base ID

Once you've spawned them type slm >insert ID here<
For example SLM 00079249 to edit Cait's appearance.
After you are done editing don't forget to disable the NPC you just spawned.